10. Promoting ‘Mature’ Culture:

We will restore the respect that the elderly deserve in terms of job prospects, treatment in hospitals and care homes. There has been a determined effort to promote ‘youth’ culture at the expensive of any one over 50-years of age. This is the new sexism or racism. It is now acceptable to persecute the elderly just as we used to oppress other minority groups in the past, which we now find so abhorrent. We want to live in a society that respects its elders and recognises the contribution they have made and how much they can give back in terms of knowledge and experiences acquired over a lifetime of work and family.

We want to create a Britain that has a café culture for all to enjoy on a Friday or Saturday night in town centres, not places that are no go areas for any individual over 50. It is becoming more and more difficult for those over 50 to feel safe should they venture out to these no go areas. A simple trip to the local restaurant or cinema can turn into an unpleasant or threatening experience. We are determined to change this and allow all those wishing to participate in a night out the freedom to do so, without fear.

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