11. Action against Alcohol Abuse:

There has been an epidemic of under-age drinking and narcotic abuse since labour regained power in 1997. This culture rather than being tackled has simply been accepted as part of the promotion of youth culture and the lack of will to properly give our children back their childhoods. We will propose to raise the age at which alcohol can be legally consumed to 21 and raise the tobacco minimum age to 18. There has to be an active program to discourage the binge drinking culture that this Government actively promotes. By reducing the consumption of alcohol we will reduce crimes of violence against young males, rape and public disorder that currently plague every town centre on a Friday and Saturday night. There is also a second problem that must be tackled – the health risks associated with binge drinking. We are seeing cases of liver damage at an ever younger age which is of particular concern amongst young females who are at greater risk.

We would review the licensing laws and introduce a zero tolerance approach to those establishments that are found to be serving alcohol to any persons that is under the legal age for alcohol consumption and those that have constant unruly behaviour occurring in and around their premises.

We do not believe in one group’s freedom to drink and cause mayhem over another’s to go about their business in peace without fear of violence.

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