12. Improving our Sporting Heritage:

It is our aim to once again encourage sport and physical activity, particularly in schools. We want to introduce a much wider diversity of sports than those currently available for school children to participate in. Sports such as tennis, martial arts, fencing, basketball, boxing, table tennis, golf and numerous other sports are not exposed to children within the normal school sports curriculum. By not providing this diversity we will miss those children who have sporting talent that will remain untapped. We would invest heavily in promoting and supporting initiatives to engage youths with sport rather than crime. We will invest in sports academies and have similar university opportunities for gifted sports people akin to those the USA currently promotes. We want to encourage all children back onto the playing fields and adopt a culture of winning rather than taking part. It is time this country recognised its full sporting potential and once again embraced its sporting heritage to challenge the Americans, Australians, Germans and Chinese in all sporting endeavours.

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