13. The Environment:

We are committed to defending protected green belt areas against development; we are particularly concerned with the concreting over of the South East, which is being relentlessly pursued by the current labour government. We will put a stop to unsuitable developments in this region and attempt to salvage what’s left of our green and pleasant land.
We will encourage developers to re-new rather than create; we want to see derelict buildings and derelict land used first to provide affordable housing and new industrial units and business parks.

We are committed to nuclear energy as the only reliable, cost effective, clean and efficient power to fuel Britain. We do not want to put ourselves in a position where we are held to ransom by Eastern Europe or the Middle East who can turn off pipelines or limit exports at a moments notice. We support a global initiative on reducing carbon emissions; our position would be to negotiate a reduction by those who are causing the most damage. We cannot act unilaterally on this for two reasons:

  1. It would have no impact on the state of the environment globally.
  2. It would put UK business on an uneven playing field with, example, the US, China or India, who are playing by different rules.

Only when we are all tied into the same agreement on emissions can we then implement legislation that would actually have an impact on the environment.

We do not believe we can make an impact globally, even if we implemented all the suggested ecological solutions in the form of wind turbines, solar panels etc. the impact would be so negligible world wide as to make almost no difference.

We will propose some realistic, immediate positive policies that will make a difference to our country such as better use of recycling materials, a campaign to remove litter from our streets and parks, and an end to fly tipping through better facilities to remove unwanted items. A reduction in wasteful packaging by supermarkets and manufacturers and improving energy efficiency in new homes by means of better insulation such as cavity walls and well insulted roof spaces.

We want to ensure buildings that should receive protection continue to be listed.

We are committed to protecting and preserving our countryside and its wildlife, and the way of life that has existed for many centuries. Our party is fundamentally in favour of animal welfare. We will be looking to take the lead on many issues concerning both domestic, wild and farmed animals, but we believe those that live in the country up to a point know how best to deal with particular issues relating to their way of life. We will not support issues that are deemed to be related to animal welfare but actually have other agendas before the well being of any one animal are considered, predominately an issue of class over welfare. We believe hunting with dogs to be such an issue and therefore would review the ban on hunting foxes with dogs*.

We would welcome views on this issue from both sides. Please send your comments to

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