14. Local Government and Social Services:

It is our intention to make local Government more accountable to those which it serves. We need to generate a greater interest in who we elect locally and improve turnouts at local elections.

We will actively promote strong local candidates who have a vision and strength of character to make a difference to their communities. We no longer have the strength in depth at local level that one associated with past councils and their leaders, be it to the left or right of the political spectrum. We must elect good leaders who will stamp not only their authority but also their individual mark on the communities they will represent.

Our community leaders will be more along the lines of the American state system, such as Mayor Giuliani who ran New York; we are looking for champions of local issues such as law and order, transport and education.

Our aim will be to run local services from the bottom up, rather than from central government down.

Social Services are a key area of the local community and unfortunately one that continues to fail those it was created to help.

Local councils in the form of Social Services have in the past failed to help children such as Victoria Climbie, who was a victim of totally inappropriate managers, senior managers and front line staff. A bureaucratic politically correct system that refused to properly interfere in her circumstances through negligence and a politically correct agenda that hired certain types of staff and allowed them to behave so negligently. We still have concerns over some of the staff employed by local Social Services and concerns that the agenda they follow is politically motivated rather than the motivation to help those in desperate need regardless of their circumstances.

We also have grave concerns with the way local councils employ carers for the elderly, the way some care homes are run and treatment of those most at risk.

Care for the elderly in this country is an absolute disgrace; we will not allow this situation to continue. We will provide descent services, well funded and properly managed care homes with staff who want to make a difference and that do not involve having to sell your property to receive medical care and attention that should be provided for free.

We believe the work of those that choose to care for elderly relatives or friends should be better rewarded and propose raising the allowance for home carers from £46.95 a week to £105.00 per week.

We will not tolerate a service that employs inappropriate individuals that do not possess relevant qualifications and in some circumstance are clearly unsuitable due to gender or background. The politically correct policy’s pursued by this government that encourage males to act as carers for elderly females, males whose backgrounds have not been properly checked working with female adults who have learning difficulties or are severely handicapped and non-English speaking immigrants to care for our elderly or infirm will be scrapped under a Traditional Democrats government. We will not put vulnerable people at risk in order to pursue a politically correct agenda that is more concerned with promoting equal rights for staff rather than the right for decent and dignified care for those most at risk.

We will immediately abolish means testing for pension top ups. This is degrading and those most in need do not claim all they are entitled to, another case of government penalising the wrong groups of people.

Those that should be penalised and made to justify why they should be entitled to money from the state under this government are provided with the most benefit for the least effort. Teenage mothers with children by multiple fathers, illegal immigrants, those that have never worked and never intend to are those that we should be making life tough for, not the elderly who have contributed the most. We will champion this cause and ensure the silent majority are properly looked after and cared for and those that are the loudest minority who have been more than looked after by this Government will be without support.

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