16. Defence:

The Traditional Democrats are committed to Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent. A strong policy on defence is crucial to maintain peace. We do not believe the way to maintain peace is to surrender in the guise of disarming and hope that talking will stop any form of attack.

History has consistently taught us that this only serves to provide those with evil intent the easiest of targets to beat and encourages rather than discourages war.

The new threat to world peace is from religious fundamentalists who use terrorism as their weapon of choice, to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians across the globe in the name of God. We will stand firm against the new tyranny of religious hatred and religious hypocrisy that attempts to impose its will on our way of life.

We will take no risks with the security of our country; we will stand side by side with the United States and our other allies around the world to defeat this new evil.

Our forces are stretched, fighting on several fronts, this situation has the potential to get worse before it gets better; we must be prepared for future campaigns. We will strengthen and dramatically increase our conventional forces; we will not send our troops undermanned or under funded into battle.

We will ensure our troops are provided with the most up to date equipment to fight a modern war and make certain our troops are not killed just because they did not have the right piece of protective clothing.

We have the best armed forces in the world; we should be proud of that fact and recognise the debt we owe them for all past and present campaigns. Britain will be – under a Traditional Democrat Government – a world power in terms of military capability and our ability to negotiate for peace on the world stage.

We believe it to be beneficial to have some persuasion, particularly with the USA when conflict looks imminent or indeed could be avoided.

Iraq has shown us the risk we take and the price we pay when the United States are the only country with the capability to either declare or prevent war. Our influence must be felt as a formidable presence in dealing with rouge countries and terrorist organisations.

To enable strong negotiation for peace one must first be in a position of strength. The Cold War clearly demonstrated this tactic was the correct one, which was fundamental to Ronald Reagan and President Gorbachev finally ending that particular war.

We must truly have an independent Army, Navy, Air Force and Nuclear Deterrent and that independence must not be comprised by either Europe or the United States.

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