17. Europe:

The Traditional Democrats believe that Britain should remain in the EU, but only to trade.

We recognise the benefits in terms of trade, but also recognise the disadvantages in terms of the bureaucracy that comes with EU membership.

The Traditional Democrats will never surrender the pound in favour of the euro regardless of conditions being ‘right’ for joining the single currency.

We will not allow control of finances to pass to the European Central Bank; we will always maintain control of our economy.

We will not surrender control of our borders, our armed forces, or any legislation that is contrary to our National Interest to unelected EU bureaucrats.

We wish to remain in the EU for as long as it is in our interest to do so, we need to robustly defend our position and always reject such ideas as a single European constitution that would not be in our best interests.

We will not abandon any of our traditions such as our democratic and legal systems to a European parliament.

We will not allow the European parliament to over rule British Parliament on any subject matter, and we will opt out of the human rights convention thus enabling us to re-instate capital punishment.

To sum up, we will remain in the EU but on our terms; we will not be dictated to by a bureaucratic faceless machine. We are the strongest economy and have the most to give in terms of position, influence and military capability. This should always put us in the driving seat to successfully negotiate our position and form alliances, which will break the control of France and Germany who have been running the EU to best serve their interests. We will make the EU an organisation that best serves our interests, and the interests of the majority of the community whose only wish is to trade freely and fairly and not form a United States of Europe.

Tony Blair on one hand pushes independence and devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while pursuing a commitment to remove British independence to the EU. This does not make any sense and is clearly contradictory.

We will apply common sense politics to this and all others issues that threaten to destroy the very foundation of the United Kingdom.

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