2. Marriage and the Family (Summary):

  • We will actively promote marriage as the best basis in which to have and raise children. It has become common practice to put ideology before the happiness and well-being of the child.
  • We will end the plague of the teenage single mother that continues to infest our society due to a lack of political will by any of the three main parties to cure the problem. We will put the health of the child, in this case both the mother and unborn child, before the right of young girls to behave in a sexually promiscuous and irresponsible way; the morally corrupt voices in Government continue to promote such behaviour citing equality as the red herring used to justify such behaviour.
  • We will end any remaining element of the child support agencies authority to chase absent fathers and will quickly abolish any remaining part of this unfair, unworkable and bureaucratic organisation.
  • We will encourage and support married mothers who want to leave work to look after their children. We believe this is beneficial for the child, the mother, the family and society. We would re-direct funds being used to keep mothers at work in the form of nursery places to invest in financially supporting mothers, to be the ones looking after their own children.
  • We will immediately end the current policy on adoption that allows inappropriate couples to adopt or foster children while at the same time denying those who would be most suitable the opportunity to help those children and babies most in need of a loving home.

2. Marriage and the Family (Detail):

Our policies will encourage couples to enter into a marriage if they intend to start a family. We will make sure the tax system aids married couples and ensure affordable housing is available as a priority to married couples with children.

Those individuals who are married with children will be at the top of the priority list in terms of housing. We set out to encourage marriage in terms of the best foundation to start a family; however we do not wish to make the children of single parents be seen as inferior and recognise every individual must have the right to choose their own circumstances.

*Proposals that would best support a stable childhood are our objective; this is not based on a morale judgement.

There must be a bigger incentive for couples to enter into a marriage if they intend to start a family. This must be promoted in a positive way as to educate and encourage those that would other wise conceive children outside of marriage. We will make sure there is a greater incentive for couples to enter into a marriage and ensure sex education in schools include the importance of a stable relationship and promotes the traditional family unit as the best one in which to raise a family.

A divorce is too easily obtained under current UK law; this must be made more difficult as well as   re-introducing the blame element in order to fairly make a judgement when dealing with how the two partners are awarded financial compensation. We have seen an increase in inappropriate monies being awarded to parties who are responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, this is clearly unfair and again we will restore the balance in favour of the injured party rather than the perpetrator.

A review will take place on what will remain of the Child Support Agencies role in pursuing absent parents and will immediately re-examine how its replacement intends to pursue absent parents. We do not agree with tagging orders, confiscated passports or using debt collectors as appropriate means of dealing with absent fathers who, for whatever, reason either will not – or cannot – pay towards their children. We believe the system is grossly unfair to some missing parents; we are particularly concerned about the monies that some fathers and in some cases mothers are forced to pay to ex partners. In Particular those ex partners who have started a new life with a new partner, and who are far more solvent than the father or mother being forced to contribute an inappropriate sum from what could be a relatively low income. There must be common sense policies applied to this most difficult of issues.

The ability to adopt or foster a child is painstaking and robust, ensuring only suitability after numerous checks over a period of time, yet we allow any individual, regardless of circumstance to become pregnant with no guidelines, judgement or rules. The young single mother (sixteen years and under) has become a plague in the UK which has resulted in the UK being head of the league table of Europe in the number of young single mothers per head of population.

No Government has the teeth needed to resolve this problem through fear of being seen to be old fashioned. Young girls are aware of the financial rewards that can be gained from becoming a mother.

Unmarried teenage mothers will only receive minimum support from the Government, with no offer of housing; we intend that the parents or guardians should provide the main financial support to both mother and child.

We strongly believe that the girl should accept greater responsibility for any pregnancy; we do not support the view that the sexes should all behave in an equally irresponsible way. The trend for girls to consume copious amounts of alcohol, illegal drugs and engage in unprotected sex in a state of near unconsciousness in order to somehow demonstrate they are equal to their male counterparts seem to only serve those males who look to abuse and take advantage of such behaviour. This trend must be reversed if we are to resolve the problem of the ever-younger single mother, the continuing rise in sexually transmitted diseases, the rise in abortions, and the rise in violence and abuse against young women.  We have to end the promotion of certain elements of youth culture that only further promotes an ever increasing number of younger and younger girls becoming mothers with no means to support their children, no father, resulting in a loss of childhood that cannot be repaired or replaced, with the taxpayer footing the bill for such behaviour.

Children must be given back their childhood’s and stop the endless promotion of encouraging young girls to experiment sexually at ever-younger ages and the endless sexualisation of girls at ever-younger ages with the all too obvious dangers associated with it. Sexual assault is most likely to be committed by someone known to the family. With the escalating numbers of different partners that are now part of the modern single mother’s life, it is even more important to reverse this trend and help prevent further abuses of known adults against children. Our concern is for the safe and happy upbringing of the child, rather than any modern ideology or false freedoms associated with such irresponsible behaviour that continues to be promoted by the politically correct task force on the pretext of equality.

To properly protect our children is a priority, even if that means pursuing policies that will be considered old fashioned. Our children’s well being far out weighs the need to apply politically correct thinking that only serves to erode the foundation of our country that is the family.

Women who choose to leave full time work to become full time mothers will be fully supported; this must be recognised as a worthy occupation. We will look to subsidise those that choose to stay at home to look after their children and who are in part supported by their partner/husband to do so. The resources that are being used to create nursery places to keep mothers at work would be diverted to helping mothers look after their own children. This must be the preference both for the child, mother and society.

There are clear advantages for society in restoring the traditional family unit, one of which will be to stabilise communities. Statistics have long established that the latch key kid is always more likely to get into mischief, unfortunately in the 21st century that involves alcohol consumption, drug abuse and petty vandalism leading to more serious crime.

The social experiment that began in the 1960’s (that falsely gave mothers the impression they could do it all and have it all and the way to achieve this was to adopt the male ethos) has failed both the countries children and their mothers. The idea that all working mothers can juggle a career with motherhood is now a defunct one and many mothers are currently returning to a traditional family unit recognising this is the most valuable contribution they can make to society. We at the Traditional Democrats will fully support them in this aim

2a Housing (Summary)

  • We will adopt a zero tolerance approach to noisy and abusive neighbours who make life unbearable for those that have to endure these ghastly individuals. We will swiftly remove them, with no soft re-housing option, it will be a case of one strike and you are out… in the street.
  • We will end the policy pursued by John Prescott to concrete over the South of England. Many inappropriate green areas have been devolved to the detriment of the landscape and surrounding residential areas. Do we destroy green belt areas, villages, towns and communities to house illegal migrants, single mothers and families from hell in order to satisfy the governments politically correct agenda and European immigration and human rights laws; as well as housing these people they also require use of all the amenities this section of society do not contribute towards such as health, education and social security?
  • We support the redevelopment of derelict buildings, unused business parks and offices as the first choice to provide affordable housing.
  • We will invest in affordable rented accommodation appropriately built and positioned for those families who cannot afford a mortgage.

2a Housing (Detail):

Every individual should have the right to live in quiet and peaceful accommodation without constant noise from neighbours, threats, intimidation, low level crime and petty vandalism.
Removing nuisance neighbours swiftly with a ‘one strike and your out’ policy will contribute significantly to restoring peaceful neighbourhoods; there will be no second chance and no soft re-housing option. Through improved policing we will not allow groups of youths to gather with the intention of causing intimidation and low-level crime in residential areas. We will transform no go areas and reclaim them for the good descent people whose only wish is to live in a clean, quiet and safe environment.

There are now specific times of the year that certain vulnerable residents and the elderly dread, November 5th, Halloween, the school summer holidays, New Years and Christmas Eve. These should be good festive occasions for all the family to enjoy, instead they have become a terrifying experience for some, with residents having to endure abusive drunken behaviour, inappropriate and dangerous use of fire works and in rare cases damage and entry to peoples homes resulting in theft or worse assault, sometimes of a sexual nature.

A zero tolerance approach to low level crime is the only solution, we do not agree with a no response, citing teenagers will be teenagers as an excuse to behave in such a destructive way, we seek to restore order and in so doing reclaim the streets back for law abiding citizens.

We are opposed to engineering social mobility as the only way to solve this problem, recognising it does not address the core issue in the worst of these areas and helps only a tiny percentage of those capable of any social mobility, leaving the rest to live in fear abandoned by those who they elected to help them. It is our aim to help those who have no choice but to live where they do and our intention to help those individuals that want to live where they do in peace free from constant noise and abuse from their unruly neighbours or those that walk the streets intent on making certain neighbourhoods impossible to live in.

Adequate levels of affordable housing must be provided without the need to concrete over the south of the country. Housing policy in this region has been a disgrace and we are committed to reversing it. There is a question mark as to whom these houses are being built for. We suggest that regeneration of existing houses and buildings should be the priority over ever increasing numbers of new developments. We do support the building of affordable housing in appropriate areas and where the need is justified. We believe that more council owned properties should be available to rent in the absence of the ability for some individuals to acquire a mortgage.

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