3. Transport (Summary):

  • We propose better management of the road network to reduce congestion rather than simply building more roads.
  • Remove freight from our roads to rail.
  • We will impose a cost effective and crime free public transport system that will encourage far greater use.
  • We will remove illegal drivers from our road network, with proper punishments for those caught driving while banned and those that cause death through dangerous driving.
  • We will end the congestion that is a direct result of the twice-daily school run

3. Transport (Detail):

It is our aim to improve and increase the use of public transport, which is crucial if we are to achieve targets on emissions and congestion, and help slow down the road-building program that is damaging our ever-decreasing countryside.

A better use of the UK road system before an expansion would be our aim, encouraging investment to improve the rail infrastructure that would remove freight from the road to rail.

Building more roads would not necessarily solve the current problems of congestion and we will look at proposals on car sharing, motorway lanes for multi-occupancy vehicles, possible increase of 3 lane motorways to  4 or 5 lanes to accommodate for example lorry only lanes particularly taking into consideration the number of accidents that are caused on British motorways caused by foreign transport vehicles, park and ride schemes that work and would be suitable for business use, and increasing the number of cycle lanes in towns and cities to provide a completely safe cycle journey to and from places of work within any one town or city.

The Public transport system in our country must be made cost effective to use, comfortable, clean, timely and – most importantly – crime free. A cost effective crime free public transport system will encourage far greater use and persuade those that choose to use their car for every journey, out of it, for a proportion of their travel, in favour of public transport where practical. If we are to reduce road congestion, we must make this a priority.

Public transport is crucial for the elderly and the young. We will remove those individuals who make the use of public transport an unpleasant or impossible method of travel for those most in need. We know facilities such as the London night buses are almost no-go modes of transport for most who want to use them. Greater security in the form of more guards on trains and a minimum of one driver and one conductor on night buses would quickly resolve this problem.

The privately owned transport companies must be prepared to make timely, crime free journeys as much of a priority as profits and be encouraged to invest in additional staff and resources to make it happen.
Common sense dictates greater use equals lower fares and lower fares would encourage greater use.

We are committed to improving safety on the roads and in particular removing the ever-increasing numbers of individuals who are driving illegally and cause such destruction by their actions, who currently receive soft sentences when caught, which provide no deterrent.

Those caught driving while banned will receive a minimum prison sentence of 5 years. The current law does not enforce this; it must be made to be and be seen to be a serious offence with no soft option if caught.           

The drink driving laws are out-of-date and need reforming; there is too much confusion and ambiguity with the present system. The only way to clarify this issue is to ban the consumption of alcohol by those whom wish to drive any vehicle.

If you knowingly drive when you have consumed alcohol or are intoxicated by illegal substances, any resulting death that you cause will be considered premeditated and therefore be treated as murder and not man-slaughter or death by dangerous driving. This will carry the appropriate sentence. Deaths due to reckless driving have gone unpunished for too long, we will redress the balance back in favour of the victim. We will no longer tolerate irresponsible driving that kills and destroys families, and whose punishment is always wholly inappropriate. A car is as dangerous as a loaded gun or knife in the wrong hands, it is about time we recognised this fact and got tough with those that continue to use cars as deadly weapons that result in hundreds of innocent lives taken each year.

A school bus run similar in fashion to the yellow American buses for every school and every child would be introduced. This would be a mandatory scheme and would help remove the congestion that is the cause of so much frustration between the hours of 8am and 9am on most town and city roads, and for those that live near schools and have to suffer the dreaded school run twice daily. It is totally unacceptable that we allow the build up of traffic, fumes and nuisance parking that are a result of these daily trips with the children to and from school.

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