4. Immigration (Summary):

  • We will immediately end further migration from the new EU expansion.
  • We will introduce an Australian style points system for those wishing to seek entry into our country.
  • We will speed up the processing of those already here and being held in detention centres.
  • We will end the ability of those seeking asylum the mechanism to endlessly appeal, we will change this process to one appeal only and if unsuccessful we will immediately remove the individual from British soil.
  • Those convicted of any crime will be immediately deported back to their country of origin regardless of the circumstances in that particular country; there will be no soft option for any criminal activity. The rules will be made clear upon entry.
  • We will introduce new and secure holding centres that will be significantly safer and a little less uninviting than the current system offers; they will be based on a more military style incarceration.
  • We will immediately stop the issuing of National Insurance numbers to those who have illegally entered our country.
  • We will track down and return all failed asylum seekers that have been allowed to illegally reside in our country unchallenged and unchecked.
  • We would introduce robust health checks for all asylum seekers and migrants entering our country, this will form part of the points system that will determine their ability to be granted asylum or residence on British soil.

4. Immigration (Detail):

Millions of migrants cannot be allowed into our country because we feel obliged to take them when no other country will. We are being conned by people traffickers, foreign gang masters and all kinds of other criminals’ intent on using the soft option that is the UK for their drug running, prostitution, people trafficking and all manner of illegal activity, the most dangerous of which is actively taking part in and promoting terrorism.

Should our country enter a recession then the true cost of the irresponsible policy on immigration will manifest itself in the same fashion as has been seen in France. While we remain relatively prosperous and unemployment relatively low the government has been able to contain the ticking time bomb of EU expansion. The bomb continues to tick, the fuse is this governments policy on migration, the spark will be a recession, the explosion will cause untold destruction to communities up and down the land.

The extension of the EU in 2004 has further contributed to an unsustainable number of migrants entering our country, if you include the number of illegal immigrants that are unaccounted for, we are looking at a figure of at least half a million and rising.

To be able to manage those legal and illegal migrants entering our country, know the exact numbers and how many are sustainable in terms of housing, education, the NHS and employment should be a transparent automatic process for any government. This is not about racism; it is about common sense, economics, and the ability of a nation to control its borders.

Limitations on entry from the new EU expansion will be imposed without delay.
The processing of those immigrants already here and being held in process centres will be speeded up. We can see no reason why the process cannot be simplified; politically correct thinking is the only barrier preventing any Government from properly managing this situation.
A points system that will help to speed up the processing of those seeking entry will be introduced, which in turn will ensure those who we do allow to live and work here will make a contribution to the country with skills that are genuinely needed.

There will be no ability of those applying for asylum to endlessly appeal. The whole process will be simplified to one appeal and if rejected swift action will follow to remove those individuals.

Better identification of genuine asylum seekers will be our objective, those that are in fear of persecution and death in their own countries, all available resources will be concentrated into helping them.

Successive Governments cannot continue to fail to deal with the huge numbers of illegal immigrants whose only criteria for entry into our county is to illegally step onto our soil and be allowed to pursue the free use of our amenities – not only for themselves but for their families who they later encourage and help to enter our country unlawfully.                     

The NHS alone would be better of by billions of pounds if we reduced its use by those who do not contribute by way of national insurance to its budget.

A more robust immigration system would reduce the current crime rate that is spiralling out of control; those that seek to enter the UK intent on carrying out illegal activity disappear into a black hole and are practically untraceable.

Immigrants intent on crime are fully aware of their ability to remain anonymous whilst on British soil and use that anonymity to their full advantage believing they can operate outside UK law. The example of Abu Hanza clearly demonstrates the dangers of a soft immigration policy and how those intent on death and destruction will exploit it.

This is not a question of racism; it is a question of common sense policies to deal with illegal activity and unlawful entry into our country by those who have no means or desire to contribute and by those who are intent on destroying our way of life.

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