5. Health Care (Summary):

  • We will restore leadership of the NHS back to Government level and use ‘wise investment’ in place of ‘over investment’.
  • We will review and improve how nurses are recruited and trained.
  • We will Improve how cleanliness is carried out in hospitals, return the management of cleaners to senior staff nurses/matrons with cleaners being employed by the hospitals, we will end contract cleaners who appear to have no responsibility and are managed by no one.
  • We will end old practises and customs that have proven to be inefficient and costly.
  • We will increase security for both patients and staff.
  • We will immediately end mixed gender wards resulting in better security, privacy and dignity.
  • We will review some non-essential cosmetic treatments currently available on the NHS.
  • We will introduce a wide ranging, hard hitting effective education program to deal with health issues such as obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol and drug abuse and teenage pregnancy.
  • We will immediately reduce the time at which an abortion could be legally carried out, down to the 16th-week of pregnancy and following a review look to reduce it further to a maximum of the 12th-week of pregnancy.
  •  We will give back parents the right to know if their children (those who are under the age of 16) have seen a doctor about a pregnancy. The parent will have the right to make any necessary decision in these circumstances.

5. Health Care (Detail):

The unacceptable amount of waste that continues to cripple both the NHS in terms of wasted funding and the individual in terms of high taxation will be stopped.

A review on how the NHS is funded and how those funds are used will be immediately commissioned.

Financial control of the health service will be restored along with leadership at a Government level, in order to win back faith that the taxpayers’ money is not being wasted.

Working practices and old customs that have been shown to be inefficient need to be reformed. There is no passion amongst any of the main parties to truly take a fresh look at how to improve the efficiency, funding and staffing of the NHS.

Tough decisions will be taken; we need to begin with simple measures that will have an immediate impact. Giving control back to the doctors and senior nurses, restoring proper discipline and supervision on wards in the form of what used to be the traditional matron role and ward sister will be first to be implemented. We are concerned with the lack of discipline that some nurses show when caring for patients. We know that the majority of nurses do a fantastic job, but they are being let down by those that have no desire to make patient care a priority. This is partly due to the influx of non-English speaking staff in the NHS who have different ideas on what constitutes good patient care and partly a lack of authority on the wards. We will propose a return to well run wards, managed with a Matron Style role – overseeing everything from patient care to ward cleanliness. Nursing was a respected profession, with those entering it wishing only the best for their patients and to make a real difference. This is one aspect of the NHS that both patients and doctors truly miss.

Nurses need to return to hands-on patient care, rather than the current trend for academic training that seems to be geared towards some future management role.

If we could effectively recruit, train and manage those dedicated to nursing as a profession the impact it would make on patient care, the efficiency of doctors and the running of each hospital, would be enormous.

The level of crime being committed in NHS hospitals on a daily basis is a real and serious problem, whether that is in the form of petty theft, brutal or inappropriate treatment by staff, or the more serious crimes such as sexual abuse by fellow patients, staff or strangers allowed to wander into hospitals unchecked. As suggested proper supervision, proper interviewing and vetting of staff and replacing mixed sex wards to single sex only wards will help to prevent the daily abuses that occur all too frequently in our hospitals.

To radically change our thinking on health and encourage people to take responsibility for their own well-being must be our objective, if we are to solve the duel problems of financing the health service and the deterioration in our nations health. There are issues on obesity, alcohol abuse, nicotine and illegal drug abuse that should have an impact on treatment provided.

There are serious concerns about staff safety in high-risk areas such as Accident & Emergency, which further drain resources and prevent staff effectively doing the job as efficiently as they should be allowed to do. We will review the current practises and take measures to remove those who upon entering hospitals are violent and abusive. We need to concentrate our resources on those who have paid for proper care and attention.

Concerns over some non-essential treatments that are freely available on the NHS (such as cosmetic procedures) whose resources could be better used to treat life-threatening illnesses will be reviewed and re-applied as appropriate.

Billions of pounds could be saved with better education and a zero tolerance approach to those that abuse the system and who do not have a legal or financial right to receive the free health care this country prides itself in. We are not suggesting any individual in need of urgent medical treatment would not be treated, but we suggest some are abusing the system for non-threatening conditions that are treated in the UK that would not be treated in some individuals country’s of origin.

The number of places available at NHS dentists will be increased. It is unacceptable for any individual to have to wait for significant periods of time that could be measured in years to receive free basic dental treatment.

The current law on abortion will be reviewed; we will immediately reduce the maximum time limit down to the 16th week of pregnancy at which an abortion can take place, and after review as low as a 12-week maximum if evidence supports this course of action. We support the right of the woman to choose, but with common sense and decency. If the life of the mother is threatened then the appropriate medical action should be taken regardless of the number of weeks. Medical advances have shown that the foetus at 20 weeks is fully formed and at 23 weeks is capable of survival outside the womb. To abort at 24 weeks – as is the current law – is quite simply a callous murderous act.

Doctors will be legally required to inform and involve parents of children under the age of 16 that have requested an abortion.

Circumstances that may lead the doctor to suspect the child is being abused by the child’s parent or guardian and this individual is responsible for the pregnancy will not require parental notification under new laws proposed, but will require immediate notification of the relevant authorities.

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