6. Education (Summary):

  • We will immediately return the power to discipline and expel disruptive pupils back to the headmasters.
  • We will fully support and encourage independent schools.
  • We will financially support and encourage entry into grammar schools using two new entry qualifications at both 11- and 14-years for those less well off children who would not have the opportunity to attend such schools under any other party in power.
  • We would immediately abolish university fees, we believe in free education up to and including university.
  • We will end testing of children up to the age of 9.
  • We will quickly identify and segregate disruptive children.
  • We will propose a contract between school, pupil and parent that will establish everyone’s role and responsibilities to ensure all our children are properly educated.
  • We will ensure every child has a basic education in terms of being able to read, write and perform basic mathematics with a general knowledge of world geography, British history and a basic education in the three sciences; physics, chemistry and biology.
  • We want to provide and encourage apprenticeships as alternatives to University and college.
  • We will end the “liberal” indoctrination that has been promoted by successive governments in schools and replace it with ideology that supports marriage and the traditional family, that supports being British and will discourage alcohol abuse, drug abuse and experimenting sexually while still a child.

6. Education (Detail)

FREE education for all including attendance at a University will be our number one objective. We are committed to abolishing University fees; this can be achieved by reducing the number of students attending university and by reducing the number of inappropriate courses. Free University education should be available for those that will make the best use of the opportunity and will best serve skill shortages.

The education system from seven years to fifteen years should concentrate on teaching children the basic subjects needed for employment and further education. We have lost our way; the current curriculum does not concentrate enough on the basics of reading, grammar, arithmetic, British History, world geography and basic science. The frequent changes to exams and the curriculum render a GCSE education ineffectual to both universities and employers.

A review of testing for children as young as 5- to 9-years will be carried out. Over testing at this age is counter productive and children should be left to get pleasure from education in the early stages of school to better develop an enjoyment of the process without fear of failure at such an early stage in their development.

Modern teaching methods have failed resulting in a lack of discipline, an increase in inappropriate pupil-teacher relationships and artificial grades that do not provide a realistic representation of a person’s education.

Employers and Universities continue to report a lack of basic education, yet grades and numbers of students passing exams continue to dramatically rise year on year. Clearly something is going wrong.

Independent schools will be supported which we believe will drive up standards of all schools. The brightest pupils regardless of background should have the opportunity to attend the best schools. It is not a realistic proposition to accept all schools can provide such an education. Under a free society independent education must be allowed to flourish and we are committed to supporting it.

The 11 plus system and grammar school gave those children from less-well-off backgrounds the opportunity to receive an education that would not otherwise be possible; it gave them the opportunity to attend the best Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

We support Grammar schools and would propose introducing a level of entry at both 11-years of age and a second opportunity at 14-years of age using a new entry exam.

There is no opportunity for such children to excel in the modern education system. We will make sure those who are talented but less-well-off once again have an opportunity denied to them by this Government.

The great education reform will begin by getting discipline back into schools and by allowing schools the ability to permanently expel those children that are a disruptive influence and by allowing schools to re-introduce corporal punishment where appropriate and with proper rules. By handing control back to the headmasters and allowing the school to manage its own affairs without constant initiatives and interference from central Government we will drive up standards and restore discipline to allow teachers to teach, rather than be distracted by unruly pupils and work in fear of both violent pupils and violent parents.

Problem children will be identified at an early age; once identified they will be segregated in an attempt to reform them and to avoid further disruption to classes and hard working children’s education.

Progress must be made in identifying potential future criminals while they are of school age. We believe there is a direct correlation between torture and cruelty to animals and Human Beings. Identifying those that commit torture at a young age to animals and other children is important to preventing the future violence that always follows. Those children that commit such acts against animals and other children need to be identified, isolated from mainstream education and treated. We need to train teachers to help identify the children that would fall into this category.

A contract will be put in place between every pupil and their school that would set out guidelines on behaviour, attendance, uniform, parental responsibility and the responsibility of the school. The contract would remove ambiguity with regards to what the minimum standard of behaviour for pupil, teacher and parent should be. It would enable instant removal of those causing the disruption and allow all to understand at the outset what is expected from all parties.

Truancy - We would initiate a proper clampdown on truancy in schools, with an increased visible police force, absent children could quickly be identified if they were walking the streets without good reason on a school day. Parents must be made responsible for their children and will be prosecuted for failing to ensure their children attend school.

Bullying - We are committed to eradicating all bullying from schools. Teachers have to have common sense and be able to deal with difficult pupils, rather than ignore the issue and by default promote bullying – this will form part of the teachers training and assessment program.

6a Education - Apprenticeships (Detail)

Invest in apprenticeships and extensive training within the work place will be heavily funded. There has been a decline in real training for certain sectors of the economy. Engineers, all aspects of building, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, gardeners etc. have all suffered from skill shortages and inadequate on the job training. The cost of this is evident from the ever-increasing number of complaints made against rouge tradesman citing shoddy work that not only leaves the customer out of pocket, but also in a potentially dangerous environment. We want to encourage apprenticeships as an alternative to university and will fully support those wishing to pursue some of the jobs highlighted above as a career.

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