7. The Work Place (Summary):

  • We will end forced quotas that have been applied to companies to dictate who they should employ.
  • We will legislate to allow restrictions in some sectors of the work place that clearly require specific gender related skills that may prohibit one gender from being suitable for a particular position. This will apply in certain circumstances to both male and female related positions.
  • We want to see companies adopt a more rigorous recruitment policy that will not allow those individuals with serious personality disorders to gain positions where they will be allowed to act in an unprofessional manner as to cause harm or offence to fellow employees, often resulting in claims of bullying and finishing with the company appearing in a tribunal.
  • We will legislate on the use of temporary workers in one position for longer than the period of one year, before the company must make them a full time member of staff. We believe it is unreasonable to keep staff as temporary workers for longer than this period if clearly a full time position exists and all the benefits associated with said position could be provided.
  • We support the minimum wage.
  • We will end the compensation culture that is thriving in some sectors of the work place based on politically correct motivation and legislation that allows the most incredulous cases to be brought before a tribunal and then succeed in winning a substantial sum.

7. The Work Place (Detail):

A fair and professional work place for all sectors of industry is our aim. We will outline policies to improve lower and middle managers through better training and better working practises. We want industry to be free to decide who they believe is the best person for the job without having to adhere to the politically correct legislation that can prevent the right person doing the right job. We will change current legislation that – for example ­– prevents a decision on employment based on gender. If there is a genuine reason not to employ an individual because of gender (either male or female) that can be proven than that decision must be allowed to be given to the employer.

Common sense policies in the work place with an agenda to ensure equality is maintained for the overwhelming majority of careers must be the objective of both employers and government. We support the best person for the job and not enforced quotas engineered to accommodate what could be unsuitable employees.

Temporary Workers - We would discourage the use of long-term temporary workers. We would limit to 1-year the amount of time any one individual can spend as a temporary member of staff before being employed on a full time basis. Tempory staff should be given the same rights as full time staff. We understand that for commerce to operate successfully there has to be a flexible workforce, but this must be balanced with the stability of an individual to be able to plan a future for themselves and their family particularly in terms of housing, where non-permanent temporary staff can experience difficulty in securing a mortgage and other forms of credit.

Bullying at work - there are still too many people being bullied or abused at work by managers and colleagues who consider it their right to behave in such a way within the confines of the work place. Legislation has changed considerably to attempt to reduce bullying at work, we want to encourage companies to properly interview candidates that would assess both work skills and inter personal skills. Our aim is to return a level of professionalism back to the work place that makes it an intimidation free experience for all employees and reduce the number of cases brought to tribunal for such activities.

There must be a balance to any new legislation on bullying in the work place that allows company’s to remove poor performing or disruptive individuals without fear of any new legislation acting against them. We want to enable companies to remove such individuals quickly and without over bureaucratic processes that threatens the performance of the company. Once companies begin to either remedy, remove or end employment of those individuals who have personality disorders (in the form of over bearing, aggressive and non personable attributes; those employees who use the work place in the same fashion as the school bully uses the playground) then the ease at which they will be able to remove those who under perform or are disruptive will be considerably hastened, without the bureaucracy that currently exists.

Companies must be encouraged to ensure their staff are able to work free from intimidation. There has been a lot of work to ensure the eradication of racially and sexually motivated harassment. Now we need to remove persecution because of age. We support new legislation on Age Discrimination and support the right of those over 65 to continue in employment.

The compensation culture that is thriving on the politically correct society now prevalent in our country must be eradicated, we will reduce the number of cases at tribunal that are a direct result of a politically correct agenda that involve obvious claims because of gender, religion or race that have been instigated by the individual through their own actions. If it is clear that the individual has provoked the circumstances leading to their case, we will change the rules to ensure the case does not reach tribunal; we want to concentrate our resources on the genuine claims of bullying and intimidation, which we fully support.

We support a national minimum wage.

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