UK General Election 2010: British political parties online

About 12% of registered political parties seem to have embraced some form of social networking.
It is not possible to keep these links up-to-date, however.

Tweetlection harvests and analyses thousands of tweets each day so that you can see what Tweeters have been saying about the three main political parties in the past 7 days. Estimated website traffic for some party websites over the last 12 months can be seen here.

Abolish Half Parliamentary Seats Now323 Party on twitter
Alliance Party NIAlliance Party on twitterAlliance Party on facebookAlliance Party RSS feedAlliance Party on flickr
Animal Protection PartyAnimal Protection Party on myspace
British Constitution PartyBritish Constitution Party RSS feed
ConservativeConservatives on twitterConservatives on facebookConservative Party RSS feedConservatives on deliciousConservatives on YouTubeConservatives on livestream
DUPDUP on twitterDUP on facebookDUP on YouTubeDUP on flickrmap: DUP Advice centres
English DemocratsEnglish Democrats on twitterEnglish Democrats on facebookEnglish Democrats RSS feedEnglish Democrats on YouTube
England FirstEngland First on facebookEngland First RSS feed
English Radical AllianceEnglish Radical Alliance on facebook
Families FirstFamilies First on twitterFamilies First on facebook
Green PartyGreen Party on twitterGreen Party on facebookGreen Party on myspaceGreen Party on YouTube
Impact PartyImpact Party on twitterImpact Party on facebook
Jury teamJury Team on twitterJury Team on facebookJury Team on myspaceJury Team on YouTube
LabourLabour on twitterLabour on facebookLabour RSS feed
Labour Party (Scottish)Scottish Labour on twitterScottish Labour on YouTubeScottish Labour on flickr
Landless Peasant PartyLandless Peasant Party RSS feed
Liberal DemocratsLibDems on twitterLibDems on facebookLiberal Democrat RSS feedLibDems on YouTube
Libertarian PartyLibertarian Party RSS feed
Mebyon KernowMebyon Kernow on twitter
National Liberal PartyNational Liberal Party on facebookNational Liberal Party on delicious
NewidNewid on twitterNewid on facebookNewid on YouTubeNewid on flickr
The New PartyNew Party on twitterNew Party on facebookThe New Party RSS feed
No2EU: Yes to DemocracyNo2EU on facebook
Nobody Party
Official Monster Raving LoonyOMRL on twitter
Populist AlliancePopular Alliance on facebook
Pirate PartyPirate Party on twitterPirate Party on facebookPirate Party on YouTube
Plaid CymruPlaid Cymru on facebook
RepresentRepresent on facebook
RepublicRepublic on twitterRepublic on facebook
RespectRespect RSS feed
ResurgenceResurgence RSS feed
Revolutionary Communist GroupRevolutionary Communist Group RSS feed
Revolutionary Communist Party
of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain RSS feed
Scottish Christian PartyScottish Christian Party on facebook
Scottish Green PartyScottish Green Party RSS feed
Scottish Socialist PartyScottish Socialist Party on facebookScottish Socialist Party on bebo
SDLPSDLP on twitterSDLP on facebookSDLP on beboSDLP on YouTubeSDLP on flickr
Sinn FeinSinn Fein on twitterSinn Fein on facebookSinn Fein RSS feedSinn Fein on beboSinn Fein on myspacesin Fein on YouTubeSinn Fein on flickr
Socialist AllianceSocialist Alliance on twitterSocialist Alliance on facebookSocialist Alliance RSS feedSocialist Alliance on myspace
Socialist PartySocialist Party RSS feed
Stop the War CoalitionStop the War Coalition on twitterStop the War Coalition RSS feed
Traditional Unionist VoiceTraditional Unionist Voice on twitter
UKIPUKIP on twitterUKIP on facebookUKIP RSS feedUKIP on YouTube
Ulster UnionistUlster Unionists on twitterUlster Unionists on facebookUlster Unionist RSS feedUlster Unionists on YouTubeUlster Unionists on flickr
United VoiceUnited Voice on facebook
Unity for Peace and SocialismUnity for Peace and Socialism on facebook
Unlock DemocracyUnlock Democracy on twitterUnlock Democracy on facebook
Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party
Wessex Regionalist PartyWessex Regionalist Party on facebook
World Truth CoalitionWorld Truth Coalition RSS feed
Your Right to DemocracyYour Right to Democracy RSS feed

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British General Election 2010: the political parties online

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