UK General Election 2010

timetable   Election timetable

A General Election will be held on 6th May

6th April:PM goes to the Queen and asks for a dissolution of Parliament
Election announced for 6th May
7th April:Final PMQs
8th April:Parliament adjourned
12th April:Issue of writ for the election. Formal dissolution of Parliament. MPs lose their title of 'MP'
Labour manifesto launched
13th April:Conservative manifesto launched
14th April:Liberal Democrat manifesto launched
15th April: Last day for publication of notices of election
ITV leaders' debate, 8.30pm
20th April:Deadlines for:-
  • nominations
  • withdrawal of candidates
  • appointment of agents
  • making objections
  • publication of names of candidates
  • receipt of changes to postal votes and proxy votes
  • to apply to register to vote
22nd April:SKY leaders' debate, 8pm
25th April:Scottish election debate, SKY TV
29th April:BBC leaders' debate, 8.30pm
3rd May:Deadline for appointment of polling and counting officers
4th May:Last day for appointing polling and counting agents
6th May:Election Day (hours of poll 7 am to 10 pm)
Counting the vote commences at 10 pm
Last day to make changes to the Register, Last day to issue replacements for spoilt or lost postal ballot papers (5pm)
Last day for new applications to vote by proxy on grounds of a medical emergency (5pm)
25th May:Queen's Speech
27th May:Malton & Thirsk election
22nd June:Budget
25th September:New Labour Party Leader
7th May 2015:Next General Election

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British General Election 2010: Timetable

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