UK General Election results May 2015

7th May 2015
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Lewisham West & Penge — LoughboroughLouth & Horncastle — Mansfield
Lewisham West & Penge

[E] Labour hold

Jim Dowd †Labour24,34750.59%
Russell JacksonConservative11,63324.17%
Tom ChanceGreen4,0778.47%
Gary HardingUKIP3,7647.82%
Alex FeakesLiberal Democrat3,7097.71%
Martin Powell-DaviesTUSC3910.81%
David HansomIndependent1600.33%
George WhaleLiberty GB440.09%

Electorate: 72,290; Turnout: 66.57%;
Majority: 12,714 (26.42%)

Leyton & Wanstead

[E] Labour hold

John Cryer †Labour23,85658.61%
Matthew ScottConservative8,93921.96%
Ashley GunstockGreen2,9747.31%
Rosamund BeattieUKIP2,3415.75%
Carl QuilliamLiberal Democrat2,3045.66%
Mahtab AzizIndependent2890.71%

Electorate: 64,580; Turnout: 63.03%;
Majority: 14,917 (36.65%)


[E] Conservative hold

Michael Fabricant †Conservative28,38955.16%
Chris WorseyLabour10,20019.82%
John RackhamUKIP8,08215.70%
Paul RayLiberal Democrat2,7005.25%
Robert PassGreen1,9763.84%
Andy BennettsClass War1200.23%

Electorate: 74,234; Turnout: 69.33%;
Majority: 18,189 (35.34%)


[E] Conservative hold

Karl McCartney †Conservative19,97642.64%
Lucy RigbyLabour18,53339.56%
Nick SmithUKIP5,72112.21%
Ross PepperLiberal Democrat1,9924.25%
Elaine SmithTUSC3440.73%
Helen PowellLinconshire Independents2860.61%

Electorate: 74,121; Turnout: 63.21%;
Majority: 1,443 (3.08%)

Linlithgow & East Falkirk

[S] SNP gain

Martyn DaySNP32,05552.04%
Michael Connarty †Labour19,12131.04%
Sandy BathoConservative7,38411.99%
Alistair ForrestUKIP1,6822.73%
Emma Farthing-SykesLiberal Democrat1,2522.03%
Neil McIvorNational Front1030.17%

Electorate: 86,955; Turnout: 70.84%;
Majority: 12,934 (21.00%)

Liverpool Riverside

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Louise Ellman †Labour & Co-op29,83567.40%
Martin DobsonGreen5,37212.14%
Jackson NgConservative4,2459.59%
Joe ChiffersUKIP2,5105.67%
Paul ChildsLiberal Democrat1,7193.88%
Tony MulhearnTUSC5821.31%

Electorate: 70,829; Turnout: 62.49%;
Majority: 24,463 (55.27%)

Liverpool Walton

[E] Labour hold

Steven Rotheram †Labour31,22281.30%
Steven FlatmanUKIP3,4458.97%
Norsheen BhattiConservative1,8024.69%
Jonathan ClatworthyGreen9562.49%
Pat MoloneyLiberal Democrat8992.34%
Alexander KarranIndependent560.15%
Jonathan DzonThe Pluralist Party230.06%

Electorate: 61,908; Turnout: 62.03%;
Majority: 27,777 (72.33%)

Liverpool Wavertree

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Luciana Berger †Labour & Co-op28,40169.31%
James PearsonConservative4,09810.00%
Adam HeatheringtonUKIP3,3758.24%
Leo EvansLiberal Democrat2,4545.99%
Peter CranieGreen2,1405.22%
Dave WalshTUSC3620.88%
Niamh McCarthyIndependent1440.35%

Electorate: 61,549; Turnout: 66.57%;
Majority: 24,303 (59.31%)

Liverpool West Derby

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Stephen Twigg †Labour & Co-op30,84275.17%
Neil MineyUKIP3,4758.47%
Ed McRandalConservative2,7106.60%
Steve RadfordLiberal2,0494.99%
Rebecca LawsonGreen9962.43%
Paul TwiggerLiberal Democrat9592.34%

Electorate: 63,651; Turnout: 64.46%;
Majority: 27,367 (66.70%)


[S] SNP gain

Hannah BardellSNP32,73656.89%
Graeme Morrice †Labour15,89327.62%
Christopher DonnellyConservative5,92910.30%
Nathan SomervilleUKIP1,7573.05%
Charles DundasLiberal Democrat1,2322.14%

Electorate: 82,373; Turnout: 69.86%;
Majority: 16,843 (29.27%)


[W] Labour hold

Nia Griffith †Labour15,94841.34%
Vaughan WilliamsPlaid Cymru8,85322.95%
Kenneth ReesUKIP6,26916.25%
Selaine SaxbyConservative5,53414.35%
Cen PhillipsLiberal Democrat7511.95%
Guy SmithGreen6891.79%
Sian CaiachPeople First - Gwerin Gyntaf4071.06%
Scott JonesTUSC1230.32%

Electorate: 59,314; Turnout: 65.03%;
Majority: 7,095 (18.39%)

Londonderry East

[NI] Democratic Unionist Party hold

Gregory Campbell †Democratic Unionist Party14,66342.24%
Caoimhe ArchibaldSinn Féin6,85919.76%
William McCandlessUlster Unionist Party5,33315.36%
Gerry MullanSDLP4,26812.29%
Yvonne BoyleAlliance Party2,6427.61%
Neil PaineCannabis5271.52%
Elizabeth St Clair-LeggeConservative4221.22%

Electorate: 66,926; Turnout: 51.87%;
Majority: 7,804 (22.48%)


[E] Conservative hold

Nicky Morgan †Conservative25,76249.52%
Matthew O'CallaghanLabour16,57931.87%
Bill PiperUKIP5,70410.97%
Steve ColtmanLiberal Democrat2,1304.09%
Matt SissonGreen1,8453.55%

Electorate: 75,217; Turnout: 69.16%;
Majority: 9,183 (17.65%)

Louth & Horncastle

[E] Conservative hold

Victoria AtkinsConservative25,75551.17%
Colin MairUKIP10,77821.41%
Matthew BrownLabour9,07718.03%
Lisa GabrielLiberal Democrat2,2554.48%
Romy RaynerGreen1,5493.08%
Daniel SimpsonLinconshire Independents6591.31%
Peter HillLoony2630.52%

Electorate: 74,870; Turnout: 67.23%;
Majority: 14,977 (29.75%)


[E] Conservative hold

Philip Dunne †Conservative26,09354.29%
David KellyUKIP7,16414.91%
Charlotte BarnesLiberal Democrat6,46913.46%
Simon SlaterLabour5,90212.28%
Janet PhillipsGreen2,4355.07%

Electorate: 66,374; Turnout: 72.41%;
Majority: 18,929 (39.38%)

Luton North

[E] Labour hold

Kelvin Hopkins †Labour22,24352.25%
Dean RussellConservative12,73929.92%
Allan WhiteUKIP5,31812.49%
Aroosa UlzamanLiberal Democrat1,2993.05%
Sofiya AhmedGreen9722.28%

Electorate: 67,329; Turnout: 63.23%;
Majority: 9,504 (22.33%)

Luton South

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Gavin Shuker †Labour & Co-op18,66044.20%
Katie RedmondConservative12,94930.67%
Muhammad RehmanUKIP5,12912.15%
Ashuk AhmedLiberal Democrat3,1837.54%
Simon HallGreen1,2372.93%
Attiq MalikIndependent9002.13%
Paul WestonIndependent1580.37%

Electorate: 67,741; Turnout: 62.32%;
Majority: 5,711 (13.53%)


[E] Conservative hold

David Rutley †Conservative26,06352.55%
Tim RocaLabour11,25222.69%
Adrian HowardUKIP6,03712.17%
Neil ChristianLiberal Democrat3,8427.75%
Joan PlimmerGreen2,4044.85%

Electorate: 71,712; Turnout: 69.16%;
Majority: 14,811 (29.86%)


[E] Conservative hold

Theresa May †Conservative35,45365.83%
Charles SmithLabour6,39411.87%
Tony HillLiberal Democrat5,3379.91%
Herbie CrossmanUKIP4,5398.43%
Emily BlythGreen1,9153.56%
Ian TaplinIndependent1620.30%
Joe WilcoxClass War550.10%

Electorate: 74,187; Turnout: 72.59%;
Majority: 29,059 (53.96%)

Maidstone & The Weald

[E] Conservative hold

Helen Grant †Conservative22,74545.48%
Jasper GerardLiberal Democrat12,03624.07%
Eddie PowellUKIP7,93015.86%
Allen SimpsonLabour5,26810.53%
Hannah PattonGreen1,3962.79%
Paul HobdayNational Health Action Party5831.17%
Robin KinradeIndependent520.10%

Electorate: 73,181; Turnout: 68.34%;
Majority: 10,709 (21.41%)


[E] Labour hold

Yvonne Fovargue †Labour23,20851.82%
Andrew CollinsonUKIP10,05322.45%
Syeda ZaidiConservative8,75219.54%
John SkipworthLiberal Democrat1,6393.66%
Philip MitchellGreen1,1362.54%

Electorate: 74,320; Turnout: 60.26%;
Majority: 13,155 (29.37%)


[E] Conservative hold

John Whittingdale †Conservative29,11260.59%
Beverley AcevedoUKIP7,04214.66%
Peter EdwardsLabour5,69011.84%
Ken MartinIndependent2,4245.05%
Zoe O'ConnellLiberal Democrat2,1574.49%
Robert GravesGreen1,5043.13%
John MarettSustainable Population Party1160.24%

Electorate: 69,066; Turnout: 69.56%;
Majority: 22,070 (45.94%)

Manchester Central

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Lucy Powell †Labour & Co-op27,77261.26%
Xingang WangConservative6,13313.53%
Myles PowerUKIP5,03311.10%
Kieran Turner-DaveGreen3,8388.47%
John ReidLiberal Democrat1,8674.12%
Loz KayePirate Party3460.76%
Alex DavidsonTUSC2700.60%
John DaviesCommunist League720.16%

Electorate: 86,078; Turnout: 52.66%;
Majority: 21,639 (47.74%)

Manchester Gorton

[E] Labour hold

Gerald Kaufman †Labour28,18767.08%
Laura BannisterGreen4,1089.78%
Mohammed AfzalConservative4,0639.67%
Phil EckersleyUKIP3,4348.17%
Dave PageLiberal Democrat1,7824.24%
Simon HickmanTUSC2640.63%
Cris CheshaPirate Party1810.43%

Electorate: 72,992; Turnout: 57.57%;
Majority: 24,079 (57.31%)
By-election 2017

Manchester Withington

[E] Labour gain

Jeff SmithLabour26,84353.72%
John Leech †Liberal Democrat11,97023.96%
Robert ManningConservative4,8729.75%
Lucy BannisterGreen4,0488.10%
Mark DaviesUKIP2,1724.35%
Marcus FarmerIndependent610.12%

Electorate: 74,102; Turnout: 67.43%;
Majority: 14,873 (29.77%)


[E] Labour hold

Alan Meale †Labour18,60339.42%
Andrea ClarkeConservative13,28828.16%
Sid PepperUKIP11,85025.11%
Tony RogersLiberal Democrat1,6423.48%
Paul FrostGreen1,4863.15%
Karen SeymourTUSC3240.69%

Electorate: 77,534; Turnout: 60.87%;
Majority: 5,315 (11.26%)

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