UK General Election results May 2015

7th May 2015
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Wirral West — Worsley & Eccles SouthWorthing East & Shoreham — Yorkshire East
Wirral West

[E] Labour gain

Margaret GreenwoodLabour18,89845.15%
Esther McVey †Conservative18,48144.15%
Hilary JonesUKIP2,7726.62%
Peter ReisdorfLiberal Democrat1,4333.42%
David JamesIndependent2740.65%

Electorate: 55,377; Turnout: 75.59%;
Majority: 417 (1.00%)


[E] Conservative hold

Priti Patel †Conservative27,12357.50%
Garry CockrillUKIP7,56916.05%
John ClarkeLabour7,46715.83%
Jo HayesLiberal Democrat2,8916.13%
James AbbottGreen2,0384.32%
Doreen ScrimshawChristian Peoples Alliance800.17%

Electorate: 67,090; Turnout: 70.31%;
Majority: 19,554 (41.46%)


[E] Conservative hold

David Cameron †Conservative35,20160.19%
Duncan EnrightLabour10,04617.18%
Simon StruttUKIP5,3529.15%
Andrew GrahamLiberal Democrat3,9536.76%
Stuart MacdonaldGreen2,9705.08%
Clive PeedellNational Health Action Party6161.05%
Colin BexWessex Regionalist Party1100.19%
Chris TompsonIndependent940.16%
Vivien SaundersReduce VAT in Sport560.10%
Bobby SmithGive Me Back Elmo370.06%
Deek JacksonLand Party350.06%
Nathan HandleyIndependent120.02%

Electorate: 79,767; Turnout: 73.32%;
Majority: 25,155 (43.01%)
By-election: 20th October 2016


[E] Conservative hold

Jonathan Lord †Conservative29,19956.19%
Jill RawlingLabour8,38916.14%
Chris TookLiberal Democrat6,04711.64%
Rob BurberryUKIP5,87311.30%
Martin RobsonGreen2,1094.06%
Declan WadeCannabis2290.44%
Ruth TempleMagna Carta Conservation Party GB770.15%
Angela WoolfordThe Evolution Party410.08%

Electorate: 74,269; Turnout: 69.97%;
Majority: 20,810 (40.05%)


[E] Conservative hold

John Redwood †Conservative32,32957.73%
Andy CroyLabour8,13214.52%
Clive JonesLiberal Democrat7,57213.52%
Philip CunningtonUKIP5,5169.85%
Adrian WindischGreen2,0923.74%
Kaz LokuciewskiIndependent3580.64%

Electorate: 77,881; Turnout: 71.90%;
Majority: 24,197 (43.21%)

Wolverhampton North East

[E] Labour hold

Emma Reynolds †Labour15,66946.08%
Darren HenryConservative10,17429.92%
Star EtheridgeUKIP6,52419.19%
Ian JenkinsLiberal Democrat9352.75%
Becky CooperGreen7012.06%

Electorate: 61,065; Turnout: 55.68%;
Majority: 5,495 (16.16%)

Wolverhampton South East

[E] Labour hold

Pat McFadden †Labour18,53953.33%
Suria PhotayConservative7,76122.32%
Barry HodgsonUKIP7,06120.31%
Ian GriffithsLiberal Democrat7982.30%
Geeta KauldharGreen6051.74%

Electorate: 62,556; Turnout: 55.57%;
Majority: 10,778 (31.00%)

Wolverhampton South West

[E] Labour gain

Rob MarrisLabour17,37443.21%
Paul Uppal †Conservative16,57341.22%
Dave EverettUKIP4,31010.72%
Andrea CantrillGreen1,0582.63%
Neale UpstoneLiberal Democrat8452.10%
Brian BoothIndependent490.12%

Electorate: 60,368; Turnout: 66.61%;
Majority: 801 (1.99%)


[E] Conservative hold

Robin Walker †Conservative22,53445.32%
Joy SquiresLabour16,88833.96%
James GoadUKIP6,37812.83%
Louis StephenGreen2,0244.07%
Federica SmithLiberal Democrat1,6773.37%
Pete McNallyTUSC1530.31%
Mark ShukerIndependent690.14%

Electorate: 72,461; Turnout: 68.62%;
Majority: 5,646 (11.35%)

Worcestershire Mid

[E] Conservative hold

Nigel HuddlestonConservative29,76356.99%
Richard KeelUKIP9,23117.68%
Robin LunnLabour7,54814.45%
Margaret RowleyLiberal Democrat3,7507.18%
Neil FranksGreen1,9333.70%

Electorate: 73,069; Turnout: 71.47%;
Majority: 20,532 (39.31%)

Worcestershire West

[E] Conservative hold

Harriett Baldwin †Conservative30,34256.09%
Richard ChamingsUKIP7,76414.35%
Daniel WaltonLabour7,24413.39%
Dennis WhartonLiberal Democrat5,2459.70%
Julian RoskamsGreen3,5056.48%

Electorate: 73,394; Turnout: 73.71%;
Majority: 22,578 (41.73%)


[E] Labour hold

Sue HaymanLabour16,28242.33%
Rozila KanaConservative11,59630.15%
Mark JenkinsonUKIP7,53819.60%
Phill RobertsLiberal Democrat1,7084.44%
Jill PerryGreen1,1492.99%
Roy IvinsonIndependent1900.49%

Electorate: 58,615; Turnout: 65.62%;
Majority: 4,686 (12.18%)

Worsley & Eccles South

[E] Labour hold

Barbara Keeley †Labour18,60044.24%
Iain LindleyConservative12,65430.09%
Owen HammondUKIP7,68818.28%
Chris BertenshawGreen1,2422.95%
Kate ClarksonLiberal Democrat1,1002.62%
Steven NorthTUSC3800.90%
Mags McNallyWe Are The Reality Party2000.48%
Geoffrey BergIndependent1840.44%

Electorate: 72,177; Turnout: 58.26%;
Majority: 5,946 (14.14%)

Worthing East & Shoreham

[E] Conservative hold

Timothy Loughton †Conservative24,68649.47%
Tim MacphersonLabour9,73719.51%
Mike GlennonUKIP8,26716.57%
Bob SmythermanLiberal Democrat3,3606.73%
James DoyleGreen2,6055.22%
Carl WalkerNational Health Action Party1,2432.49%

Electorate: 74,775; Turnout: 66.73%;
Majority: 14,949 (29.96%)

Worthing West

[E] Conservative hold

Peter Bottomley †Conservative26,12451.46%
Tim CrossUKIP9,26918.26%
Jim DeenLabour7,95515.67%
Hazel ThorpeLiberal Democrat4,4778.82%
David AherneGreen2,9385.79%

Electorate: 75,617; Turnout: 67.13%;
Majority: 16,855 (33.20%)

The Wrekin

[E] Conservative hold

Mark Pritchard †Conservative22,57949.69%
Katrina GilmanLabour11,83626.05%
Jill SeymourUKIP7,62016.77%
Rod KeyesLiberal Democrat1,9594.31%
Cath EdwardsGreen1,4433.18%

Electorate: 65,942; Turnout: 68.90%;
Majority: 10,743 (23.64%)


[W] Labour hold

Ian Lucas †Labour12,18137.23%
Andrew AtkinsonConservative10,35031.63%
Niall Plevin-KellyUKIP5,07215.50%
Carrie HarperPlaid Cymru2,5017.64%
Rob WalshLiberal Democrat1,7355.30%
David MunnerleyGreen6692.04%
Brian EdwardsIndependent2110.64%

Electorate: 50,992; Turnout: 64.16%;
Majority: 1,831 (5.60%)


[E] Conservative hold

Steve Baker †Conservative26,44451.41%
David WilliamsLabour11,58822.53%
David MeacockUKIP5,19810.11%
Steve GuyLiberal Democrat4,5468.84%
Jem BaileyGreen3,0866.00%
David FittonIndependent5771.12%

Electorate: 76,371; Turnout: 67.35%;
Majority: 14,856 (28.88%)

Wyre & Preston North

[E] Conservative hold

Ben Wallace †Conservative26,52853.17%
Ben WhittinghamLabour12,37724.81%
Kate WalshUKIP6,57713.18%
John PotterLiberal Democrat2,7125.44%
Anne PowerGreen1,6993.41%

Electorate: 70,637; Turnout: 70.63%;
Majority: 14,151 (28.36%)

Wyre Forest

[E] Conservative hold

Mark Garnier †Conservative22,39445.30%
Matt LambLabour9,52319.26%
Michael WrenchUKIP7,96716.11%
Richard TaylorInd Community & Health Concern7,21114.59%
Andy CrickLiberal Democrat1,2282.48%
Natalie McVeyGreen1,1172.26%

Electorate: 77,407; Turnout: 63.87%;
Majority: 12,871 (26.03%)

Wythenshawe & Sale East

[E] Labour hold

Mike Kane †Labour21,69350.14%
Fiona GreenConservative11,12425.71%
Lee ClaytonUKIP6,35414.69%
Victor ChamberlainLiberal Democrat1,9274.45%
Jess MayoGreen1,6583.83%
Johnny DiscoLoony2920.67%
Lynn WorthingtonTUSC2150.50%

Electorate: 75,994; Turnout: 56.93%;
Majority: 10,569 (24.43%)


[E] Conservative gain

Marcus FyshConservative24,17842.47%
David Laws †Liberal Democrat18,86533.14%
Simon SmedleyUKIP7,64613.43%
Sheena KingLabour4,0537.12%
Emily McIvorGreen2,1913.85%

Electorate: 82,447; Turnout: 69.05%;
Majority: 5,313 (9.33%)

Ynys Môn

[W] Labour hold

Albert Owen †Labour10,87131.13%
John RowlandsPlaid Cymru10,64230.47%
Michelle WillisConservative7,39321.17%
Nathan GillUKIP5,12114.66%
Mark RosenthalLiberal Democrat7512.15%
Liz ScreenSocialist Labour Party1480.42%

Electorate: 49,939; Turnout: 69.94%;
Majority: 229 (0.66%)

York Central

[E] Labour & Co-op hold

Rachael MaskellLabour & Co-op20,21242.39%
Robert McIlveenConservative13,49628.31%
Ken GuestUKIP4,79510.06%
Jonathan TylerGreen4,79110.05%
Nick LoveLiberal Democrat3,8047.98%
Chris WhitwoodYorkshire First2910.61%
Megan OllerheadTUSC2880.60%

Electorate: 75,351; Turnout: 63.27%;
Majority: 6,716 (14.09%)

York Outer

[E] Conservative hold

Julian Sturdy †Conservative26,47749.12%
Joseph RichesLabour13,34824.76%
James BlanchardLiberal Democrat6,26911.63%
Paul AbbottUKIP5,2519.74%
Ginnie ShawGreen2,5584.75%

Electorate: 78,561; Turnout: 68.61%;
Majority: 13,129 (24.36%)

Yorkshire East

[E] Conservative hold

Greg Knight †Conservative25,27650.56%
Kevin HicksonLabour10,34320.69%
Steph ToddUKIP8,95517.91%
Robert AdamsonLiberal Democrat2,9665.93%
Mark MaloneyGreen1,7313.46%
Stewart ArnoldYorkshire First7201.44%

Electorate: 81,023; Turnout: 61.70%;
Majority: 14,933 (29.87%)

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