UK General Election results June 2017 UK General Election results June 2017

8th June 2017

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Sources: The Electoral Commission, BBC, and various council election websites

I have waited until now to put the 2017 results up because I was waiting for what I thought would be the definitive results from the Electoral Commission. However, when it eventually arrived, the EC document seemed to be full of errors. I first noticed that there were mistakes in the candidates' names (e.g. Tim Farron is given as "Tim Farron Farron". I then discovered that the results given for Bromsgrove, Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross, and Ross Skye & Lochaber were actually the 2015 results, and that for Inverness Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey was completely garbled. Given this, and the mis-typings in the names, there was no reason to think that the actual voting figures would be any more accurate. I have thus had to spend time checking each result against other published sources. There are, of course, some figures that I am not in a position to check (e.g. electorate totals, and postal votes). It's a pity there isn't a central, publicly accessible, repository for copies of Returning Officers' Declarations of Results.

If the Electoral Commission's shoddy work is typical of public officials across government, it's not surprising that they are making such a mess of Brexit, and more.

The checking procedure I have pursued isn't foolproof, but I have reasonable confidence that the results are now correct. Basically, I have compared the Electoral Commission's data with the BBC results, and where there are differences I have checked with the Returning Officer's version on the relevant council website. The latter isn't always totally reliable as it may also be subject to typing errors, except where they give a facsimile of the official, signed, declaration, which some councils do. The BBC is normally fairly reliable, but this process did unearth errors of one sort or another in over 20 of their constituency results. I have taken the view that, in general, the Returning Officer's account trumps both the Electoral Commission and the BBC.

Finally, for the 2015, 2010, and 2005 elections I also leaned heavily on the Electoral Commission data; I had no reason then to suspect it's accuracy. I suppose in due course I shall have to check those results too.

RK: 10-02-18

I have mostly avoided abbreviations for party names, though I have used some. Abbreviations used are:-

BNPBritish National Party People First
CIST AllianceCitizens Independent Social Thought Alliance
Collective Thinking PartyThe Collective Thinking Party of Britain
DUPDemocratic Unionist Party
ElvisElvis & The Yeti Himalayan Preservation
Fighting Unsustainable HousingFighting Unsustainable Housing Because We Care
Greater Manchester HomelessGreater Manchester Homeless Voice
Money Free PartyMoney Free Party Resources Shared Equitably
LoonyThe Official Monster Raving Loony Party
SDLPSocial Democratic and Labour Party
SIRScotland's Independence Referendum Party
SNPScottish National Party
UKIPUnited Kingdom Independence Party
UUPUlster Unionist Party
War VeteransWar Veterans Pro-Traditional Family Party

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