UK General Election 1964:

Liberal Marginal Constituencies

Constituencies in order of majority as percentage of total votes, after the 1964 election
ConstituencyMajorityMajority as %
of Total Vote
Majority as %
of Electorate
Bristol North East1211 2.52 1.95Labour
Caithness & Sutherland1275 5.83 4.67Labour
Inverness2136 5.98 4.27Conservative
Orpington3072 6.56 5.60Conservative
Cardigan2219 7.41 5.85Labour
Bradford West3147 8.05 6.18Labour
Ross & Cromarty1407 8.18 5.68National Liberal
Bodmin3136 8.45 6.98Conservative
Holland with Boston563110.72 7.92Labour
St Ives439913.3510.02Liberal
Devon North513613.6911.54Conservative
Orkney & Shetland790042.6131.00Conservative

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Last Modified: 22 Oct 12
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