UK General Election May 1979:

Liberal Marginal Constituencies

Constituencies in order of majority as percentage of total votes, after the May 1979 election
ConstituencyMajorityMajority as %
of Total Vote
Majority as %
of Electorate
Isle of Wight352 0.47 0.39Conservative
Colne Valley2352 4.48 3.67Labour
Isle of Ely3330 5.89 4.76Conservative
Cardigan2194 5.91 4.82Conservative
Inverness4157 8.93 6.64Conservative
Rochdale529410.75 7.92Labour
Liverpool Edge Hill424817.4112.02Labour
Roxburgh Selkirk & Peebles1069021.8417.91Conservative
Orkney & Shetland681035.0923.58Conservative

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