UK General Election results June 1983 UK General Election results June 1983

9th June 1983
Aggregate data and statistical breakdowns

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650 constituencies (extensive boundary changes since last election)

Aberavon — Bath Batley & Spen — Birmingham Yardley Bishop Aukland — Bridgwater Bridlington — Cardiff South & Penarth Cardiff West — Colchester South & Maldon Colne Valley — Derby North Derby South — Ealing Acton Ealing North — Falkirk West Falmouth & Camborne — Gloucester Gloucestershire West — Havant Hayes & Harlington — Ilford North Ilford South — Leicester East Leicester South — Makerfield Manchester Blackley — Newcastle upon Tyne North New Forest — Oxford East Oxfordshire West & Abingdon — Richmond (Yorks) Rochdale — Sheffield Heeley Sheffield Hillsborough — Stockport Stockton North — Teignbridge Thanet North — Wanstead & Woodford Wantage — Woking Wokingham — York

Sources: The Times, and Whitaker's Almanack
The estimated electorate figures are the number of electors on the new register eligible to vote in February, plus a pro rata allowance for those becoming 18 during the period of the register (Times Guide to the House of Commons, June 1983). It seems odd that Returning Officers are not obliged to certify the precise number of electors entitled to vote in an election, as part of the declaration of the result.

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