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Liberal Democrat 2007 leadership election

Nick Clegg elected leader


Nick Cleggwebsite
voting record
Nick Clegg
Chris Huhnewebsite
voting record
Chris Huhne


Oct 15Sir Menzies Cambell resigns as leader
Oct 31Nominations close
Nov 1Deadline for withdrawal of candidature
NovemberOfficial hustings meetings in Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bristol, Plymouth, Worthing, Cambridge, Manchester, and London. For further details see: LD Flock Together
Nov 20BBC Newsnight hustings
Nov 21Despatch of ballot papers: 64,727 sent out
Dec 15Deadline for return of ballot papers
Dec 18Count and declaration of result
Nick Clegg20,988
Chris Huhne20,477
Total vote41,465

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The election is technically by alternative vote, which is the single-member version of STV. However in this case the election will in effect be by simple majority, as there are only two candidates.

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