Conservative party leadership 2005

  Menzies Campbell elected Leader

  2nd March 2006

  campbell Menzies Campbellvoting record
  hughes Simon Hughesvoting record
  huhne Chris Huhnevoting record

kennedy  Charles Kennedy made a statement resigning as leader on 5th January, and precipitated a leadship election.

Election is by STV in a secret ballot. Candidates, who must be Members of the House of Commons, must be supported by 10% of the Parliamentary Party and by at least 200 members representing at least 20 local parties

Election timetable:
9th Jan  Nominations open
14th Jan  Candidates declared so far speak at party meeting in London
16th Jan  TV debate: Sky News 7pm
19th Jan  oaten Mark Oaten withdraws from the contest
25th Jan  Nominations close
  Last date for renewal of membership
26th Jan  Last date for withdrawal of candidates
6th Feb  Ballot papers sent out
1st Mar  Deadline for receipt of votes
2nd Mar  Votes counted
  Declaration of result
1st Count
Hughes is eliminated

2nd Count
Campbell wins
72,062 ballot papers were issued and 52,036 were returned, giving a turnout of 72.21%
3rd Mar  Spring Conference, Harrogate

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