Council Elections - 1 May 2003
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north somerset council
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Results (ward order)

Backwell (2 seats)
Felicity Diane Baker (Conservative) 1023 votes
Peter Henry Burden (Conservative) 903 votes
Helen Lesley Madge (Liberal Democrat) 648 votes
Alan Gordon Armstrong (Liberal Democrat) 517 votes
David Godfrey Punter (Labour and Lab Co-op) 234 votes

Banwell and Winscombe (3 seats)
Ann Florence Harley (Conservative) 1311 votes
Anthony Michael Lake (Conservative) 1297 votes
Hugh Anthony Parsons (Conservative) 1261 votes
Michael John Bibb (Liberal Democrat) 846 votes
Amanda Jane Brading (Liberal Democrat) 801 votes
Christopher Luke (Liberal Democrat) 649 votes
Stanley Brearley Banks (Labour and Lab Co-op) 336 votes
Simon Christopher Arlidge (Labour and Lab Co-op) 324 votes
Andrew William Hughes (Labour and Lab Co-op) 263 votes

Blagdon and Churchill (1 seats)
Elizabeth Ann Wells (Conservative) 644 votes
Anthony John Hughes (Liberal Democrat) 372 votes
Ernest Apostolos Barnhurst (Labour and Lab Co-op) 98 votes

Clevedon Central (1 seats)
Michael Edward Nobes (Labour and Lab Co-op) 375 votes
Carl Daniel Francis-Pester (Conservative) 219 votes
Anne Paula Carpenter (Liberal Democrat) 140 votes

Clevedon East (1 seats)
David William Shopland (Independent) 445 votes
William Lavelle (Conservative) 227 votes
Mary Catharine Mclean (Liberal Democrat) 144 votes
Jeremy Callaghan (Labour and Lab Co-op) 117 votes

Clevedon North (1 seats)
Lionel Ian Charles Bates (Conservative) 495 votes
Joan Valerie Watkins (Liberal Democrat) 229 votes
John Nicholas Farley (Labour and Lab Co-op) 123 votes

Clevedon South (1 seats)
Alan Frederick Cotton (Labour and Lab Co-op) 316 votes
Graham John Watkins (Liberal Democrat) 271 votes
Christopher James Blades (Conservative) 216 votes

Clevedon Walton (1 seats)
George Sheldon Morris (Conservative) 592 votes
Jack Dagnall (Liberal Democrat) 537 votes

Clevedon West (1 seats)
Chanel Stevens (Labour and Lab Co-op) 409 votes
Ericka Jane Blades (Conservative) 251 votes
Patrick David George Mcneill (Liberal Democrat) 231 votes

Clevedon Yeo (1 seats)
John Evan Norton-Sealey (Conservative) 351 votes
Bryan Owen Henry Moore (Labour and Lab Co-op) 240 votes
Julian Carpenter (Liberal Democrat) 177 votes

Congresbury (1 seats)
Thomas Charles Leimdorfer (Green Party) 627 votes
Gillian Myra Bute (Conservative) 442 votes

Easton-in-Gordano (1 seats)
Peter Alvin Fisher (Conservative) 636 votes
Wendy Hilda Griggs (Liberal Democrat) 237 votes
Derek Raymond Waters (Labour and Lab Co-op) 163 votes

Gordano (1 seats)
Nigel Christopher Ashton (Conservative) 639 votes
Charles Victor Pritchard (Liberal Democrat) 198 votes
Barry Cooper (Labour and Lab Co-op) 115 votes

Hutton and Locking (2 seats)
Ian Ronald Peddlesden (Conservative) 1039 votes
Elfan Dyfed Ap Rees (Conservative) 946 votes
Bryan Anthony Mcgrath (Liberal Democrat) 687 votes
Richard Paul Bartlett (Liberal Democrat) 637 votes
Timothy James Taylor (Labour and Lab Co-op) 270 votes
David James Roxburgh (Labour and Lab Co-op) 220 votes

Kewstoke (1 seats)
Ian Charles Porter (Conservative) 424 votes
David John Evans (Liberal Democrat) 255 votes
Jacqueline Scholes (Labour and Lab Co-op) 125 votes

Nailsea East (2 seats)
Andrew Nicholas Cole (Liberal Democrat) 1119 votes
Robert Gilbert Edward Coleman (Liberal Democrat) 986 votes
Angela Janice Barber (Conservative) 836 votes
Anita Jane Heappey (Conservative) 663 votes

Nailsea North and West (3 seats)
Robert Charles Steadman (Liberal Democrat) 1062 votes
Jeremy Robert Blatchford (Conservative) 1031 votes
James Jeremy Tonkin (Liberal Democrat) 960 votes
Mary Marguerite Jane Blatchford (Conservative) 958 votes
Suzanne Maria Williams (Conservative) 955 votes
Alan Ronald Clarke (Liberal Democrat) 954 votes
Julian Parry (Labour and Lab Co-op) 756 votes
Sarah Elizabeth Obrien (Labour and Lab Co-op) 745 votes
Catherine June Elliott (Labour and Lab Co-op) 738 votes

Pill (1 seats)
Glyndwr William Duck (Labour and Lab Co-op) 587 votes
Adrian Miles Guest Phillips (Conservative) 222 votes
Peter Henry Patrick Maw (Liberal Democrat) 150 votes

Portishead Central (1 seats)
John Hilary Clark (Liberal Democrat) 204 votes
James Mcmurray (Conservative) 174 votes
Andrew Hamblin (Labour and Lab Co-op) 116 votes

Portishead Coast (1 seats)
James Barry Thomas Walters (Conservative) 608 votes
Philip Stephen Palmer (Liberal Democrat) 414 votes

Portishead East (1 seats)
Arthur George Terry (Conservative) 386 votes
Daisy Anne Bickley (Liberal Democrat) 309 votes
Roger Whitfield (Labour and Lab Co-op) 284 votes

Portishead Redcliffe Bay (1 seats)
John Gilbert Daws (Conservative) 606 votes
John Sydney Clark (Liberal Democrat) 401 votes

Portishead South and North Weston (1 seats)
Jonathan Michael Gething (Liberal Democrat) 389 votes
Alan Mcmurray (Conservative) 299 votes
Patricia Nancy Gardener (Labour and Lab Co-op) 252 votes

Portishead West (1 seats)
Nicholas Edward Brown (Independent) 898 votes
Rosalind Muriel Cruse (Conservative) 198 votes

Winford (1 seats)
Audrey Jennifer Telling (Conservative) 456 votes
Jessica Ellen Monks (Labour and Lab Co-op) 335 votes

Wraxall and Long Ashton (2 seats)
Robert Cook (Conservative) 1097 votes
Howard Bruce Roberts (Conservative) 1000 votes
Angela June Neale (Liberal Democrat) 807 votes
Donald Walker Barritt (Liberal Democrat) 653 votes
Christopher Leslie Smart (Labour and Lab Co-op) 317 votes

Wrington (1 seats)
Deborah Joyce Yamanaka (Liberal Democrat) 708 votes
Teresa Anne Kemp (Conservative) 336 votes

WsM Central (2 seats)
John Richard Crockford-Hawley (Liberal Democrat) 693 votes
Ian Baker (Liberal Democrat) 655 votes
Mark Terry-Short (Conservative) 375 votes
David John Hunt (Conservative) 360 votes
Josephine Ann Bateman (Labour and Lab Co-op) 222 votes
Frederick Lawrence Roberts (Labour and Lab Co-op) 199 votes
Adam Frazer Nash (Independent) 92 votes
Alan James (U.K.Independence Party) 51 votes

WsM Clarence and Uphill (3 seats)
Michael Roe (Conservative) 1385 votes
Anthony Peter Bryant (Conservative) 1368 votes
Clive Harold Thomas Webb (Conservative) 1345 votes
Kenneth Frederick Tucker (Liberal Democrat) 647 votes
Peter Mattheos Solomon (Liberal Democrat) 620 votes
David James Hobb-Titchard (Liberal Democrat) 599 votes
Stephen Varney (Labour and Lab Co-op) 339 votes
Jamie Tylo Dormer-Durling (Labour and Lab Co-op) 337 votes
Karoline Barbara Bateman (Labour and Lab Co-op) 328 votes

WsM East (3 seats)
Derek Kraft (Labour and Lab Co-op) 1034 votes
Richard Mark Tucker (Labour and Lab Co-op) 990 votes
Muriel Kraft (Labour and Lab Co-op) 944 votes
Grace Janet Atkinson (Liberal Democrat) 629 votes
Bryan John Osborne (Liberal Democrat) 610 votes
Raymond Edmund Geoffrey Hicks (Conservative) 591 votes
Brian William Hampson (Liberal Democrat) 543 votes

WsM Milton and Old Worle (3 seats)
Jennifer Mary Gosden (Liberal Democrat) 1169 votes
Astra Barbara Brand (Liberal Democrat) 1118 votes
Rosslyn Willis (Liberal Democrat) 1112 votes
Peter Crew (Conservative) 1025 votes
Patrick Edward Taylor (Conservative) 1018 votes
Frederick Ian Hogg (Conservative) 1009 votes
Simon Peter Stokes (Labour and Lab Co-op) 481 votes
Elizabeth Verity Swan (Labour and Lab Co-op) 450 votes
William Ronald Swan (Labour and Lab Co-op) 424 votes
Jeffrey Alan Bullingham (Independent) 407 votes

WsM North Worle (3 seats)
Alan Thomas Hockridge (Liberal Democrat) 1356 votes
Ronald Charles Moon (Liberal Democrat) 1236 votes
Richard Geoffrey Skinner (Liberal Democrat) 1143 votes
Frederick Parsons (Conservative) 627 votes
Frederick Brian Gamble (Conservative) 610 votes
Paul Francis (Labour and Lab Co-op) 268 votes
Lynda Pearcey (Labour and Lab Co-op) 248 votes
Simon Barry George Morse (Labour and Lab Co-op) 243 votes

WsM South (3 seats)
Ian Roger Parker (Labour and Lab Co-op) 1122 votes
Mari Elizabeth Owens (Labour and Lab Co-op) 1057 votes
Robert James Bateman (Labour and Lab Co-op) 1056 votes
Raymond John Armstrong (Liberal Democrat) 388 votes
Celia Georgina Davies (Liberal Democrat) 386 votes
June How (Liberal Democrat) 357 votes
Michael John Kellaway Marriott (Conservative) 338 votes

WsM South Worle (3 seats)
Sally Anne Tabrett (Liberal Democrat) 989 votes
Colin David Golland (Liberal Democrat) 953 votes
Andrew Wright (Liberal Democrat) 921 votes
Christopher Dennis Flint (Labour and Lab Co-op) 621 votes
Michael Gregor Lyall (Labour and Lab Co-op) 608 votes
Christopher Robert Belton-Reed (Labour and Lab Co-op) 584 votes
Ena Evelyn King (Conservative) 533 votes
Sidney John Carter (Conservative) 526 votes
Alan Lane (Conservative) 479 votes
John Rennie Heenan (Independent) 109 votes

WsM West (3 seats)
Mark Canniford (Liberal Democrat) 1337 votes
Michael Robert Bell (Liberal Democrat) 1336 votes
Robert Osborne Payne (Liberal Democrat) 1179 votes
Andrew James Horler (Conservative) 895 votes
Robert Francis Doxford Cleland (Conservative) 864 votes
Michael Kelvin Fazackerley (Conservative) 853 votes
Paul David Spencer (Independent) 223 votes
Robert Irving Craig (Labour and Lab Co-op) 210 votes
Christopher James Hollebon (Labour and Lab Co-op) 197 votes
Vanessa Jane Hollebon (Labour and Lab Co-op) 188 votes
Mervyn Thomas Gibbs (U.K.Independence Party) 73 votes

Yatton (3 seats)
Greta Ethel Lewis (Independent) 1607 votes
Isabel Margaret Cummings (Liberal Democrat) 1388 votes
Peter Denis Kehoe (Liberal Democrat) 1251 votes
Stanley Vyce (Conservative) 1048 votes
Alison Jane Helen Tull (Conservative) 872 votes
Douglas Stuart May (Labour and Lab Co-op) 612 votes