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Election results May 2003
Archive version of original webpage

Updated: 2 May 2003 2.10pm

Election results summary

Green = 2 seats
Independent = 1 seat
Labour = 15 seats
Liberal Democrat = 29 seats

Political parties:Con: Conservative, Green , Ind: Independent, Lab: Labour , LD: Liberal Democrat, MRL: Official Monster Raving Looney Party, Soc.All: Socialist Alliance

Acomb (David HORTON - Lab, Tracey SIMPSON-LAING - Lab)

Robert ANDERSON (LD) 773 votes
Graham CAMBRIDGE (MRL) 107 votes
Valmai GALVIN (Con) 398 votes
Julie HOOK (LD) 630 votes
David HORTON (Lab) 1038 votes elected
Tracey SIMPSON-LAING (Lab) 1051 votes elected

Bishopthorpe (David LIVESLEY - LD)

Winifred ATKINSON (Lab) 202 votes
David LIVESLEY (LD) 989 votes elected
Susan WILLIAMS (Con) 499 votes

Clifton (Alan JONES - Lab, Kenneth KING - Lab, David SCOTT - Lab)

John COOK (Ind) 625 votes
Alan JONES (Lab) 1065 votes elected
Kenneth KING (Lab) 977 votes elected
Joanna MACDONALD (LD) 807 votes
Leslie MARSH (Ind) 612 votes
Stephen PROPHET (Ind) 546 votes
David SCOTT (Lab) 825 votes elected
William SHAW (Green) 430 votes
Simon TARRY (LD) 804 votes
Samantha WAUDBY (LD) 724 votes

Derwent (Janet GREENWOOD - LD)

Jennifer BROOKS (Con) 491 votes
Lesley DELLA GANA (Lab) 128 votes
Janet GREENWOOD (LD) 808 votes elected

Dringhouses and Woodthorpe (Thomas HOLVEY - LD, Ann REID - LD, Susan SUNDERLAND - LD)

Bernard BELL (Lab) 1009 votes
Richard CREGAN (Lab) 829 votes
Alan DEANES (Con) 755 votes
Monica GARRITY (Con) 813 votes
Gerard HODGSON (Lab) 794 votes
Thomas HOLVEY (LD) 1704 votes elected
John NAYLOR (Con) 703 votes
Ann REID (LD) 2052 votes elected
Susan SUNDERLAND (LD) 1863 votes elected

Fishergate (Andrew D’AGORNE - Green, Mark HILL -Green)

John BOARDMAN (Lab) 555 votes
Andrew D’AGORNE (Green) 1093 votes elected
Robin DICKSON (Con) 533 votes
Karen DUNK (LD) 321 votes
Roger FARRINGTON (Lab) 472 votes
Mark HILL (Green) 1028 votes elected
Derek WAUDBY (LD) 265 votes

Fulford (Keith ASPDEN - LD)

Keith ASPDEN (LD) 491 votes elected
Walter DAVY (Con) 162 votes
Helen KENWRIGHT (Green) 76 votes
Alan SMITH (Lab) 285 votes

Guildhall (Janet LOOKER - Lab, Brian WATSON - Lab)

Nicholas BLITZ (LD) 532 votes
Gillian COSSHAM (Green) 199 votes
Denise CRAGHILL (Green) 156 votes
Janet LOOKER (Lab) 664 votes elected
Mark RUSSELL (Soc.All) 78 votes
Phillip THOMAS (LD) 414 votes
Nicholas TOMS (Con) 319 votes
Brian WATSON (Lab) 564 votes elected

Haxby and Wigginton (Alan HALL - LD, Christopher HOGG - LD, Michael WATSON - LD)

Doris BELL (Lab) 387 votes
Stephen BURTON (Lab) 383 votes
Gareth DADD (Con) 627 votes
Alan HALL (LD) 2887 votes elected
Christopher HOGG (LD) 2728 votes elected
Robert PHILLIPS (Con) 724 votes
Alan ROBERTSHAW (Green) 453 votes
Michael WATSON (LD) 2528 votes elected
David WILSON (Lab) 327 votes

Heslington (Ceredig JAMIESON-BELL - LD)

Martin BRUMBY (Lab) 155 votes
Andrew COLLINGWOOD (Soc.All) 31 votes
Ceredig JAMIESON-BALL (LD) 381 votes elected
Richard ROBESON (Con) 86 votes
Candida SPILLARD (Green) 82 votes

Heworth (Paul BLANCHARD - Lab, Vivienne KIND - Lab, Ruth POTTER - Lab)

Nigel AYRE (LD) 1020 votes
Paul BLANCHARD (Lab) 1381 votes elected
Patricia KAY (Con) 613 votes
Vivienne KIND (Lab) 1483 votes elected
David LAYFIELD (Green) 377 votes
Ian PACKINGTON (LD) 777 votes
Ruth POTTER (Lab) 1300 elected
Matthew REID (LD) 924 votes

Heworth without (Martin LANCELOTT - LD)

William BENNETT (Con) 470 votes
Martin LANCELOTT (LD) 708 votes elected
David THOMPSON (Lab) 240 votes

Holgate (Martin BARTLETT - LD, Charles FAIRCLOUGH - LD, Gilbert NIMMO - LD)

Martin BARTLETT (LD) 1626 votes elected
Elizabeth EDGE (Lab) 1357 votes
Charles FAIRCLOUGH (LD) 1604 votes elected
Peter FINLAY (Lab) 1239 votes
Nicholas MAJOR (Con) 441 votes
Mark NICHOLSON (Green) 424 votes
Gilbert NIMMO (LD) 1392 votes elected
Annie THOMPSON (Lab) 1074 votes

Hull Road (Derek SMALLWOOD - Lab, David WILDE - Lab)

Gordon CAMPBELL-THOMAS (Ind) 435 votes
John COSSHAM (Green) 313 votes
Kevin DUNK (LD) 360 votes
Duncan FLYNN (Con) 390 votes
Derek SMALLWOOD (Lab) 680 votes elected
David WILDE (Lab) 678 votes elected
Susan WILLER (LD) 343 votes

Huntington and New Earswick (Keith HYMAN - LD, John ORRELL - LD, Carol RUNCIMAN - LD)

James ALEXANDER (Lab) 531 votes
Geofrrey BEACON (Lab) 490 votes
Keith HYMAN (LD) 2186 votes elected
John ORRELL (LD) 2236 votes elected
Carol RUNCIMAN (LD) 1969 votes elected
Paul TUMMAN (Con) 755 votes
Clive WOOLLEY (Green) 608 votes

Micklegate (David EVANS - Lab, Alexander FRASER - Lab, David MERRETT - Lab)

Simon BLACKBURN (LD) 654 votes
Ian BUNTING (LD) 595 votes
Andrew CHASE (Green) 734 votes
David EVANS (Lab) 1198 votes elected
Alexander FRASER (Lab) 1268 elected
David KING (Green) 579 votes
Robert LOOKER (Soc.All) 193 votes
Anthony MARTIN (Green) 599 votes
Christopher MEGONE (Con) 565 votes
David MERRETT (Lab) 1260 votes elected
Gillian THOMPSON (LD) 599 votes

Osbaldwick (Jonathan MORLEY - LD)

Andrew GARBUTT (Lab) 117 votes
Gerald GRISDALE (Ind) 391 votes
Jonathan MORLEY (LD) 514 votes elected

Rural west York (Glen BRADLEY - LD, Janet HOPTON - Ind, Quentin MACDONALD - LD)

Glen BRADLEY (LD) 1405 votes elected
Annette BRUMBY (Lab) 527 votes
John GILLIES (Con) 1212 votes
Carole GREEN (LD) 1316 votes
Janet HOPTON (Ind) 2100 votes elected
Quentin MACDONALD (LD) 1685 votes elected
Iain SIMPSON-LAING (Lab) 440 votes
Adam SINCLAIR (Con) 1336 votes
George THOMSON-SMITH (Con) 1016 votes

Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton without (Richard MOORE - LD, Irene WAUDBY - LD, Mark WAUDBY - LD)

Andrew DEARDEN (Green) 403 votes
Peter GIBSON (Con) 589 votes
Anthony IRELAND (Lab) 645 votes
Andrew KAY (Con) 562 votes
Richard MOORE (LD) 1534 votes elected
Matthew PAGE (Lab) 536 votes
Victor PAYLOR (Ind) 853 votes
Maureen SMITH (Lab) 518 votes
Irene WAUDBY (LD) 1912 votes elected
Mark WAUDBY (LD) 1630 votes elected

Strensall (Ian CUTHBERTSON - LD, Madeleine KIRK - LD)

Ian CUTHBERTSON (LD) 996 votes elected
Robert GUTHRIE (Lab) 191 votes
William HANBURY (Con) 599 votes
Madeleine KIRK (LD) 1113 votes elected
Jonathan MOORE (Con) 686 votes
Karl SMITH (Lab) 167 votes

Westfield (Stephen GALLOWAY - LD, Susan GALLOWAY - LD, Andrew WALLER - LD)

Paul BAPTIE (Lab) 697 votes
Kenneth BEAVAN (Con) 314 votes
Stephen GALLOWAY (LD) 2291 votes elected
Susan GALLOWAY (LD) 2013 votes elected
Thomas GIBSON (Lab) 641 votes
James TIPTON (Lab) 613 votes
Andrew WALLER (LD) 2154 votes elected

Wheldrake (Christian VASSIE - LD)

John GALVIN (Con) 459 votes
Edward GOUGE (Lab) 124 votes
Christian VASSIE (LD) 982 votes elected

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