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Shropshire County Council election 2005

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The Shropshire County Council election 2005 was held on Thursday 5 May.

The Conservatives won 25 of the 48 seats, and gained control of the Council.
The Liberal Democrats won 11 seats, Labour 9 and Independents 3.

To see the results:

The winning candidates in each division can be seen on ShropMap – a new, online interactive map of Shropshire.

Each electoral division on the map has now turned the colour of the winning party or independent, and the name of the elected councillor, plus the number of votes won by them, can also be seen.

Follow the ShropMap link below to view the results.

The full set of results for each division can be found in the attached 5 tables - one for each district.

The 5 districts are:
North Shropshire
Shrewsbury & Atcham
South Shropshire

NOTE: After opening each attachment in Adobe Acrobat Reader you will need to increase the size of the table in order to view it. On the drop-down menu in the top-centre of the screen, select 'Fit Visible' or increase the size of the file using the zoom facility.

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