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Castle Point borough Council's contact details are:
Castle Point Borough Council,
Kiln Road, Thundersley,
Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1TF
01268 882200
01268 882455
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Election results

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CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Freeman, Pamela DiedreConservative 1179
Trollope, LornaLabour and Co-operative627


Candidate DescriptionNumber of votes
Newman, Barry AlvinLiberal Democrat314
Smith, Norman GeorgeConservative1202
Wright, Anthony NicholasLabour and Co-operative381

Canvey Island Central

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Hughes, CliffordGreen55
King, Jane ElizabethConservative514
May, Peter JamesCanvey Island Independent907
McArther-Curtis, MargaretLabour267

Canvey Island East

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Coates, Shirley GraceConservative537
Davies, Philip LloydCanvey Island Independent772
Reilly, Jacqueline ConstanceLabour373
Willis, Irene LilianGreen67

Canvey Island North

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Harvey, Nigel (Nick)Canvey Island Independent911
Haunts, PatriciaConservative458
Keene, Christopher RichardGreen60
Kennedy, Derek StephenLabour388

Canvey Island South

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Curtis, Daniel AlanLabour378
Liddiard, JoanCanvey Island Independent855
Waymark, Sylvia AnnConservative624
Willis, Miles GordonGreen Party59

Canvey Island West

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Andrews, Christine KathleenCanvey Island Independent545
Belford, Anthony WilliamConservative574
Deal, William AlbertLabour161
Willis, Korinna JayneGreen41

Canvey Island Winter Gardens

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Best, Dorothy Florence AliceConservative431
Fryatt, GrantGreen96
Greig, Peter CharlesCanvey Island Independent688
Payne, JohnLabour193

Cedar Hall

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Blanking, KevinLabour547
Iles, Alexis MaryseConservative1070

St George’s

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Cole, Andrew RobinConservative859
Cooke, Joseph PatrickLabour and Co-operative535
Smith, Peggy JaneGreen196

St James'

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Isaacs, Godfrey IanConservative1327
Jones, FrederickLabour and Co-operative200
Pachy, NanineGreen383

St Mary's

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Meager, Alan JohnConservative1014
Morgan, LesleyGreen116
Newman, Thomas EdwardLiberal Democrat145
Wilson, BrianLabour and Co-operative590

St Peter's

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Challis, Pamela AnneConservative1171
Hoenderkamp, AntonPFRC25
Peck, Eileen ElizabethGreen254
Trollope, John GyffardLabour and Co-operative345


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Brett, Harry AnthonyLabour315
Brunt, Clifford NigelConservative1161
Copping, Douglas JohnGreen307

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We can be contacted as follows:

01268 882427
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