London elections 2008

London Assembly

1st May 2008

There are 25 seats in the London Assembly. 14 of these are held by Constituency Assembly Members and 11 by London-wide Members who represent London as a whole. Voters have a ballot paper for each category. Constituency Members are elected by first-past-the-post in the constituencies shown on the map (bleow).

The London-wide Members are elected by a party list system in which parties can nominate lists of up to 25 candidates. The votes for each party list, or indeed for individuals, are aggregated across the constituencies, and seats are allocated to the parties according to a modified d'Hont formula. There is a threshold of 5% of the total London-wide votes cats for parties to be eligible for any London-wide seats. For each of the 11 seats the winner is the one with the highest average votes per seat, according to the formula:-

Total number of aggregated votes
Total seats already won (inc constituency seats) + 1


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London-wide Members
PartyVote% valid voteMember
Conservatives835,53534.63Andrew Boff
Victoria Borwick
Gareth Bacon
Labour665,44327.58Nicky Gavron
Murad Qureshi
Liberal Democrats275,27211.41Michael Tuffrey
Dee Doocey
Caroline Pidgeon
Green203,4658.43Jenny Jones
Darren Johnson
BNP130,7145.42Richard Barnbrook
Christian Choice70,2942.91-
Abolish Cong Charge63,5962.64-
Respect (Galloway)59,7212.48-
English Democrats25,5691.06-
Left List22,5830.94-
Unity for Peace & Socialism6,3940.27-
Ind (Rathy Alagaratnam)3,9740.16-
One London3,4300.14-
Electorate: 5,419,913
ballot papers: 2,454,088 - 45.28%
valid votes: 2,412,607 - 44.51%
rejected votes: 41,489; blank ballots: 39,894

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