1st May 2008
Boris wins
First preferences
CandidatePartyVotes% valid votes
Boris JohnsonConservative1,043,76143.20
Ken LivingstoneLabour893,87737.00
Brian PaddickLibDem236,6859.80
Siân BerryGreen77,3743.20
Richard BarnbrookBNP69,7102.86
Alan CraigChristian Choice39,2491.62
Gerard BattenUKIP22,4220.93
Lindsey GermanLeft List16,7960.70
Matt O'ConnorEnglish Democrats10,6950.44
Winston MckenzieInd5,3890.22
Total 2,415,958
After the re-distribution of second preferences, the final result was:-
Boris JohnsonConservative1,168,738elected
Ken LivingstoneLabour1,028,966

The electorate was: 5,419,913 and the turnout (using the total of valid votes) was 44.58%. A total of 2,456,990 'votes' were cast, including 41,032 rejected papers and 13,034 blank papers. On the basis of the total number of ballot papers, the turnout was 45.33%

The Mayor of London was the first directly elected mayor in the UK. The post was created in 2000. Elections are held every four years. The mayor's responsibilities are described in a London Elects factsheet. He currently has a salary of £137,579, and administers a budget of over £9 billion


§ Matt O'Connor stopped his campaign after disagreements with his party, and has called on his supporters to vote for the Christian Choice candidate, Alan Craig, though O'Connor's name will remain on the ballot paper.

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