UK General Election 2005
Election 2005
  Party manifestos

     Action for Older People
     Scottish Conservatives
     Welsh Conservatives
     Scottish Labour
     Welsh Labour
 Liberal Democrat
     Ethnic Minorities
     Scottish LibDems
        & supplement
     Welsh LibDems
 Alliance for Change
     Ejiro Etefia
     John Allman
     Julian Fitzgerald
 Alliance Party (NI)
 Blair Must Go Party
 Christian Peoples Alliance
 Common Good
 Communist Party of Britain
 Community Action Party
 Democratic Socialist Alliance
    - People Before Profit
     Paul Filby
 Emancipation Party
 English Democrats Party
 English Independence Party
 Fatwa Voting
 For Integrity And Trust In Government
 Forward Wales
 Freedom Party
 Free Scotland Party
 Get Britain Back Party
 Green Party
 Havering Residents Ass
 Imperial Party
     Rose Gentle
     MG Gibson
     Peter Law
 Independent Community Group
     Phil Andrews
 Ind Green Voice
 Independent Working Class Association
 Kidderminster Health Concern
 Liberal Party
 Mebyon Kernow
 National Front
 New Millenium Bean Party
 Official Monster Raving Loony
 Peace Party
 Peace & Progress
    Azmat Begg
    Sylvia Dunn
 Pensioner's Party Scotland
 Protest Vote Party
 Safeguard the NHS
 Save Bristol North Baths
 Scottish National Party
 Scottish Socialist Party
 Senior Citizens Party
 Silent Majority Party
 Sinn Féin
 Socialist Environmental Alliance
 Socialist Labour
 Socialist Party
 Socialist Unity
 SOS! Voters Against
    Overdevelopment of Northampton
 Telepathic Partnership
 Third Way
 UK Community Issues Party
 Ulster Unionist
 Vote for yourself rainbow dream ticket
 Wessex Regionalist Party
 Workers Party
 Your Party

Interest group manifestos and election websites, 2005

Party manifestos for previous elections

I should like to thank John Cartledge for his help in revising and extending this page.

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British General Election 2005: Party Manifestos

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