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Eastern  result

Geoffrey Van OrdenConservative
Jeffrey TitfordUKIP
Richard HowittLabour
Robert SturdyConservative
Andrew DuffLiberal Democrat
Christopher BeazleyConservative
Tom WiseUKIP

East Midlands  result

Roger HelmerConservative
Robert Kilroy-SilkInd
Glenis Willmott (replaced Phillip Whitehead)Labour
Chris Heaton-HarrisConservative
Derek ClarkUKIP
Bill Newton DunnLiberal Democrat

London  result

Theresa VilliersConservative
Claude MoraesLabour
Sarah LudfordLiberal Democrats
John BowisConservative
Mary HoneyballLabour
Gerard BattenUKIP
Charles TannockConservative
Jean LambertGreen
Robert EvansLabour

North East  result

Stephen HughesLabour
Martin CallananConservative
Fiona HallLiberal Democrat

Northern Ireland  result

Jim AllisterDUP
Bairbre de BrúnSinn Féin
Jim NicholsonUUP

North West  result

Gary TitleyLabour
Den DoverConservative
Chris DaviesLiberal Democrat
Arlene McCarthyLabour
John WhittakerUKIP
David SumbergConservative
Terry WynnLabour
Sir Robert AtkinsConservative
Sajjad Haider KarimLiberal Democrat

Scotland  result

David MartinLabour
Ian HudghtonSNP
Struan StevensonConservative
Catherine StihlerLabour
Elspeth AttwoollLiberal Democrat
Alyn SmithSNP
John PurvisConservative

South East  result

Daniel HannanConservative
Nigel FarageUKIP
Nirj DevaConservative
Chris HuhneLiberal Democrat
Peter SkinnerLabour
James EllesConservative
Ashley MoteUKIP
Richard AshworthConservative
Caroline LucasGreen
Emma NicholsonLiberal Democrat

South West  result

Neil ParishConservative
Graham BoothUKIP
Graham WatsonLiberal Democrats
Caroline JacksonConservative
Glyn FordLabour
Roger KnapmanUKIP
Giles ChichesterConservative

Wales  result

Glenys KinnockLabour
Jonathan EvansConservative
Jill EvansPlaid Cymru
Eluned MorganLabour

West Midlands  result

Philip Bushill-MatthewsConservative
Michael CashmanLabour
Mike NattrassUKIP
Liz LynneLiberal Democrat
Philip BradbournConservative
Neena GillLabour
Malcolm HarbourConservative

Yorks & Humber  result

Linda McAvanLabour
Timothy KirkhopeConservative
Diana WallisLiberal Democrat
Godfrey BloomUKIP
Richard CorbettLabour
Edward McMillan-ScottConservative

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