tvParty Election Broadcasts

Conservative Party Television Election Broadcasts 2001

Transcribed by Michael Pearce

Tuesday 15th May 2001

The broadcast is silent apart from a menacing soundtrack. The captions are accompanied by two sequences. The first shows three 'criminals' arriving in prison and being processed through the system - they are photographed, fingerprinted, and just when we might expect them to be locked in a cell, they are let out the front door. Once outside we see them indulging in criminal activity - attacking an old lady, burglary and drug dealing. The second sequence accompanies the captions dealing with petrol prices. We see a woman with two children walking down the street, looking longingly at a car with two children's seats in the back; an old lady sitting in her front room while her car sits unused in the front drive; a man in an isolated country cottage looks out the window at his car, grimaces, and then opens his fridge, which sadly contains only two tomatoes. Finally, we see a man in a wheelchair looking out the window at his vehicle.


Labour have let out 35,000 convicted criminals early under their Special Early Release Scheme.

That's 1,500 convicted robbers.

3,000 convicted burglars and nearly 5,000 convicted drug dealers and drug traffickers.

All let out before they've served even half of their sentences.

And what have they been doing, when they should have been serving time?

More thefts and robberies.

More burglaries.

More drug offences ...

.... and two rapes.


Conservatives will be tough on crime.

We will abolish Labour's Special Early Release Scheme.


British petrol is already the most expensive in Europe.

To pay for Labour's spending plans, they'll tax us more.

Petrol tax is Labour's favourite stealth tax.

A rise in tax could increase petrol to 1.30 a litre,

that's 6.00 a gallon, under Labour.


Conservatives will tax you less.

We will cut fuel tax by 6p a litre, that's 27p a gallon.

Vote for common sense.

Vote Conservative.

Thursday 24th May 2001

In the first part of the broadcast a teenage girl lies on her bed, doing her homework. We hear her concerns about how teacher shortages are affecting her education.This is followed by a sequence showing what children get up to when teacher shortages mean they can't go to school. This consists of stealing from shops, burning cars, buying and selling drugs and spraying graffiti.

The second part of the broadcast shows what might happen to the economy if the UK joins the Euro. We see a man buying expensive petrol priced in Euros, a dejected fisherman on the dock reading a sign - in English and French - allowing him to fish for only three days a week, a market stall where English apples are priced in Euros (and sold in kilos), and a businesswoman tearing up an EU directive in disgust. Finally we see a museum exhibit: the pound c.1500-2002. In voice-over we hear a newsreader 'reporting' on the dire consequences of greater European involvement for the UK.

I just don't get this. Miss Wilkins could explain it, but she's gone. And Mr Pritchard didn't last long. Gary and Lee made sure of that. I hope the new one sorts them out. I've got GCSEs next year. Bet they open up the school for that.

CAPTION: 9am English
(A deserted classroom, then we cut to a newsagents where unruly schoolchildren are stealing sweets.)

CAPTION: Teacher shortages at their worst for ten years.

CAPTION: 12pm Games
(A deserted playground, then we cut to a group of schoolboys dancing round a burning car on a wasteground.)

CAPTION: 10,000 teacher vacancies in secondary schools.

CAPTION: 2pm Maths
(A deserted classroom, then we cut to schoolchildren buying and selling drugs in a subway.)

CAPTION: Some schools on a 4 day week.

CAPTION: 3pm Art
(A deserted art room, then we cut to schoolchildren spraying graffiti on a bridge.)

CAPTION: What are your children really learning under Labour?

Conservatives will offer parents discipline,
standards and choice in schools.

There was more bad news today for the British economy as it continued its slide down the European growth table. Analysts claim that showing prices and reporting other financial information in pounds and euros is slowing down the British economy.
The European central bank has imposed a one percent increase in UK interest rates in line with the rest of the European Union. Once again there are major concerns from businesses throughout the UK about the financial power shift to Brussells.
The European parliament today announced it's now in the final stages of imposing an energy tax on companies of all sizes within the EU.

Only the Conservatives will keep the pound.
We want to be in Europe, not run by Europe.
Vote for Common Sense,
Vote Conservatives.

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