tvParty Election Broadcasts

Labour Party Television Election Broadcasts 2001

Transcribed by Michael Pearce

Monday 14th May 2001

On the soundtrack we hear Labour's campaign song: 'Lifted', by the Lighthouse People. The voice-over is accompanied by a montage of images of British life: people working and people at home; children playing; scenes from a hospital, a primary school and an old people's home; policemen and women; people in developing countries; Scottish and Welsh landscapes.


Has Britain changed since 1997?

A million more jobs. Two hundred and seventy-five thousand young people have found a job with the new deal.

Britain's first ever minimum wage.

Maternity leave extended.

Up to an extra five hundred and twenty pounds a year for families with the children's tax credit.

Child benefit has been increased to fifteen pounds fifty for the eldest child.

The right to four weeks paid holiday.

A million children lifted out of poverty.

NHS investment lifted to record levels. Two hundred million pounds for cancer equipment and care. NHS waiting list reduced by a hundred thousand. Seventeen thousand extra nurses. Free eye tests for pensioners.

The best ever primary school results. An extra five hundred and forty pounds invested for every pupil. Smaller class sizes for four hundred and fifty thousand five, six and seven year olds.

Winter fuel payments introduced.

Free TV licences for over seventy-fives.

Pensions up. Five pound for single pensioners. Eight pound for pensioner couples per week.

Car crime down fifteen percent. Burglary down twenty one percent. Hand guns banned. Landmines banned.

The debt of poorest nations cut.

A Scottish parliament.

A Welsh assembly.

Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland.

Highest employment ever.

Lowest long-term interest rates for thirty five years.

Low and stable mortgage rates delivered.

Ten p tax rate introduced and extended helping twenty five million people.

Britain's inflation the lowest for over thirty years.

A lot has been done, but there's still a lot more to do. So the work goes on. Vote Labour on Thursday June the seventh.

Call us on 08705 900 200. That's 08705 900 200 now.

23rd May 2001


This PEB is presented in the form of a film trailer.


The voice-overs accompany the following images:

image image image VOICE 1:

Just when you thought it was safe again, they're back.

a subway in which photographs of Margaret Thatcher, Norman Lamont, John Major, Nigel Lawson and Kenneth Clark are scattered;
a film poster - 'Towering Interest Rates' - Hague and Portillo outside a burning building; imageVOICE 2:

From the people who brought you 'Economic Disaster: the Tory Years', comes a series of sequels even more terrifying - 'Towering Interest Rates', 'The Reposessed',and now in a new Tory production,'Economic Disaster 2'.

a second film poster - 'The Reposessed: No-one is safe from spiralling interest rates' - Hague and Portillo stand with arms outstretched like zombies; image
a third film poster -'Economic Disaster II'.image

We then cut to shadowy figures seen through an office window with the caption: 'Tory H.Q. 1989-93':

image image imageVOICE 2:

You watched heartless and incompetent Tory politicians hatch a reckless plan that led to misery for millions.

A black shadow sweeps across a cityscape, we see panicking crowds (just as in an 'alien invasion' sci-fi movie). These scenes are accompanied by stark captions reading 'Terror', 'Misery' and 'Black Wednesday 1992'.

image image image 
image image image
image image

You gasped in horror as the Tory shadow of disaster fell across the nation. No city, town or home was safe. People ran to avoid being caught in its devastating path. Yet it was still to unleash the full force of its fiscal fury. The Tory ecomonic policy was dangerously, catastrophically out of control.

We see miserable workers leaving a factory and the caption 'Unemployment hits 3 million'.
image image image
We see a family forced to leave their home and the captions '1.5 million in negative equity' and '400,000 people lost their homes'.
image image image
We see a shop front being boarded up and the caption '1,000 businesses went bust every week.
Shots of deserted and gloomy looking hospitals and schools are accompanied by the caption: 'Remembered in all too vivid Torycolour'. image image image

The final sequence shows the subway again and Hague and Portillo from the 'Economic Disaster II' film poster as Mr Boom and Mr Bust.

image imageVOICE 2:

Introducing Mr Boom and Mr Bust ...


.. whose policies could bring you home repossessions, fifteen percent interest rates, and twenty billion pounds of public service cuts in 'Economic Disaster 2'.

image imageDon't let it come to a home, business, hospital or school near you. Only you can stop it on Thursday June the seventh.


It would have been funny if it hadn't been so tragic. The Tory shadow fell first on businesses, destroying jobs. And then it came for your homes. Families were suffering as this Tory economic disaster raged uncontrollably onward. The Tory disaster you thought you had banished forever lurks just around the corner. They threaten to bring it all back.


Don't go back
Vote Labour
on Thursday June 7th

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