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ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
Accurate Democracy has a useful page in which Robert Loring explains his synthesis of STV and Condorcet rules. There is also a free version of Political Sim (TM) for games and research
African Elections Database
Afro barometer has election results, polls, and other information
Antibafflegab has data on national level elections from: December 21st 2006 to March 3rd 2007
Approval Voting Home Page advocates "vote for as many as you like" in single-winner elections, also Approval Voting by Bradley Lehman
Association of European Election Officials
C2D, Research and Documentation Centre on Direct Democracy, U of Geneva
The Center for Election Science
The Center for Range Voting
The Center for Voting and Democracy is dedicated to fair elections where every vote counts and all voters are represented. Includes information about PR
The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) is a collaborative program of cross-national research among election studies conducted in over fifty consolidated and emerging democracies
Constituency-Level Elections (CLE) Dataset, Washington U, St Louis
Direct Party and Representative Voting
EISA promotes democracy in Africa
Election Results 24, election results worldwide
Adam Carr's Election Archive
OSCE election calendar Maximiliano Herrera offers a worldwide electoral calendar
Election Resources on the Internet has a useful collection of links to election results
Elections en Europe
Elections: Results and Voting systems has information about voting systems
Election Updates
Electoral Geography
The Electoral Reform Society has a good deal of information on electoral systems
Michael Gallagher and Paul Mitchell have an Electoral Systems website offering data on the effective number of parties and the least squares index at over 900 elections in over 90 countries, an Excel file that enables the user, by entering election data, to ascertain the values of the effective number of parties and the least squares index, and also an Excel file that calculates D'Hondt and Sainte-Laguë seat allocations
Various papers on electoral systems
electronic voting and Democracy
EPERN European Parties Elections & Referendums Network
Fair Vote Canada has various publications on electoral systems and voting
Global Network of Domestic Election Monitors
The IFES maintains an Election Guide that includes upcoming elections around the world, and has a Global Initiative to Enfranchise People with Disabilities and an Arab Election Law Compendium
The IPU has an electoral systems module that includes information about the number of constituencies, the type of voting system, the requirements for candidates and voters, and various other details of the electoral law, and also a mandate module that includes information on the mandate of elected members of parliament, including when the mandate begins and ends, members' salaries, allowances, parliamentary immunity and codes of conduct The Lijphart Elections Archive
National City Government Resource Center Elections and Voting page
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee monitors elections and human rights and produces reports
Parliamentary elections around the world
The Proportional Representation Library has bibliographic and other information on PR
The Proportional Representation Society of Australia has extensive information and links to other election-related sites
Table of Electoral Systems used worldwide
Voter Turnout around the world since 1945
Voter Turnout in Western Europe since 1945 (pdf)
The Voting News
Voting Systems FAQ
Why Not Proportional Representation?
Yahoo elections page

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I have concluded, in the light of difficulties with my previous web host (JustHost) and especially with my ISP (BT), that I cannot be guaranteed the level of access to the website that allows me to keep such a diverse site properly updated and have decided to simplify the administration by moving to another web host and by narrowing the focus of the site mainly to the UK and the USA, especially the election data - which for the UK is now quite extensive, though I have retained a few of the main country-based indexes. I should like to thank everyone who has offered assistance with coverage of the many other countries around the world over the years since 1995.

The site in its previous incarnation is still available in archived form at:-
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